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Better Town Hall inventory?

Started by theonlywanderer, November 13, 2018, 08:51:20 AM

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Similar to the better Profession lists, it would be nice to have longer options for the Town Hall box.

Maybe make the whole dialogue skinnier, down to double inventory columns and longer instead of triple columns.

Is it possible to put food and other base resources in one column, Refined items in the other?

IE...  Food, stone, logs, minerals, textiles, any base items in column one.    Tools, Clothing, glass, bricks, roof, anything that has to be produced in column two?

Just some ideas.....


I think changing columns is possible but tedious work.

Discrepancy is the master of changing UI stuff so if he comes back he maybe is able to do something with the UI of the Town Hall.
I personally hate it as much of that UI is spread out over many files and hard to keep track of.

To put the food and other stuff in certain columns is AFAIK not possible.
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in the meantime there are some tricks. you can use more than 1 TH on a map.KID has helped making his TH's so we can have more than 1.leave 1 set to alphabetical list.then open 2 the 2 menus above each other. setting these by quantity,click 1 time on the lower inventory menu will scroll that inventory down just below the top if the top menu has inventory to 500,the 2nd will start below that.this can help sirt things faster and gives you a wider look at the most goods you have.


Yep, I've done the double up, and it's a reasonable workaround for the time being.