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DS Fulbert Wright School

Started by Discrepancy, November 22, 2018, 10:58:08 PM

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DS Fulbert Wright School

A matching school for the housing designs by Fulbert and family, Master Wrights in Housing and Carpentry.
The mod was kindly requested by phyllida & child of air :)
I had a larger building started already, too big for a house, so coded for a school building.

Employs 1 Teacher - 20 Students - 6x5footprint
construction cost: 89work + 34 logs + 21 stone + 21 iron

The school model is complimented with F-key angle variants (0, 13, 21, 359, 367deg).
WARNING: the angled variants will allow citizens to walk through walls.

shown above with the homes available in the mod: DS Fulbert Wright Housing

Change Log:

v1.0   --   initial release  (23 November 2018)

Download & Install:
- download here.
- you will be taken to mega storage site to download a .zip file.
- unzip the mod (right-click, extract all...)
- place the .pkm file inside your Banished/WinData folder.
- enable the mod in the mod list. play.

Translation modding:
stringtable for translating


Nice!    I don't think MM has any Fulbert stuff, So I'll get these and check them out.