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For the micromanagers like me

Started by maiden4meldin, January 04, 2019, 05:17:22 PM

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I love this game, love all the versions of mods, but the inventory listings are still very clunky, and with so many additions, can take a long time to compare listings against a traders inventory lists.

Is it possible to categorize the listings of the inventory. like say, food separates within the same screen as Fruit, Veg , Protein, and Meat.

The Resources listings Showing the various resources like logs, stones, iron ore and iron,

Basically following the new Flags separating the inventory list into category, that would improve alot of hunting for items  and comparing them to inventory within the town hall and trading posts. I find I sometimes have to have three different screens open  just to make sure I am not wiping out a specific food item I am trading. 

Anyway, I am no modder, but thought this might be an idea for the great modders here??


there is only one who can play with UIs.... @Discrepancy  !
He is the master of all UI ! If something can be made... only Discr can find the solution.
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