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MiniWarehouse request

Started by donwolfkonecny, March 22, 2019, 11:38:08 PM

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Could someone please make a mini-warehouse for me?
It would be 2x2 (no road) carry 500 weight and cost um 20 wood 6 stone?
I would use it to pull fodder to my woodchopper (without pulling lumber or fertilizer or copper), and then release it to (hopefully) a nearby stockpile.
I would also a different one to move fertilizer to greenhouse (without roof tiles or bricks)
and pull firewood to smokery and kiln and glassery (without pulling charcoal or coal)
and pull flowers without any other miscellaneous
and salt to the saltery without other minerals

it would be really really helpful because the flags are limited. I wish I could use a market for this, or RK's awesome carts, so I wouldn't have to turn it on and off and empty it, but the flags don't allow them to be that specific. So the market for fuel near the Charcoaler would fill with Charcoal, instead of the desired Firewood. And the Materials cart near the greenhouse would fill with Fodder, instead of Fertilizer (though those are only a cow's belly different).
Yes i understand there would be a mysterious trade boat that accompanies it
it would function just like the regular warehouse but be smaller in all measures
please please help me, especially if your initials begin with R and end with K (or any other letters) please help me!



Kid that is Fantastic!!!
Thanks so much!!! :)