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Splitting item group into subgroups

Started by Vicarious, July 19, 2019, 12:35:51 PM

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Disclaimer 1: I am new here, did my best to follow rules and post in right place.

Disclaimer 2: I am new to modding, and am sorry if this is a common topic that uses terms I did not know to search for.

Hey y'all, first time poster here, but long time Banished player. I want a mod that ultimately tree produce would not count towards my Food capacity limit. I want Farmers to keep collecting tree produce even when the Food capacity is reached. This is so I can keep building up Ale supplies and not need to sell off food or a bunch of other tedious alternatives.

Some initial ideas are Food into subgroups or have tree produce items classified as another item (i.e. Plum now counts as Coal).

As an aside, I've recently been challenging myself to have the smallest possible colony to gather all trade goods and have at least 1 of each item in a Trader's Post. I also just like making a lot of Ale :)

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Hi! and welcome.

i don't know if you have searched and wandered in the toolkit files.... but the limits are working with "flags". and the flag for food is : "Edible". the way Luke set his things, "Edible" also has another function which means "be consumed by citizens to stay alive"

If you use custom flags(custom0-9) to subgroups and try to establish a limit for some flags that exist without limits (i.e. vegetable, fruit, protein, and grain)... maybe you can control them , control the limits of each but...

because "fruit" mean nothing for the citizens, the only way to make it "used for eating" is to add the "edible" flag to it or your citizens wont be able to eat those.
and the flag "edible" is also link to the food limit !!!!

it doesnt solve your problem.
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Thank you, I feel like this would get me what I am looking for. Please elaborate, how may I modify this setting within this "toolkit"? Is this a game text file that I need to modify?


you need to know it will make your mod non-compatible with CC, MM and RKEC. and also many mods.
all those mods use all the Custom0-9 flags already (material limit... construction limit... fabric limits... etc) we all already took those the day the developper gave it to us.
if you need 4 ... .you have to choose 4 that will most compatible with most mods.
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i am trying to figure out an easy way to solve this without changing the limits of the food. is the main reason so you can produce ale without hitting the food limit? then would increasing the food stored at the tavern or ale processors solve this? any food stored there should not count as stored food against the limit total.  so if the tavern has 5 or 10 times the food stored, they would have plenty to can use a wharehouse to store the food and it won't count against the limit.

     if you change the food to different limit flags,you run a risk of starvation.the bannies can't eat the food so would starve even with a full barn. same as when using the inedible foods.this can be solved by creating a workplace that changes the limit back to food.


yeah inedible foods should help your problem more easy. they were on BL Site but presently this weekend, they change the website. not sure about the files..... if not prosted back, ask @kralyerg  :)

like if dont want apple to be eaten... inedible apples!
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