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Searching for a vanilla retexture mod

Started by Mikatoon, April 04, 2020, 09:01:07 AM

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Hi everyone! I've been searching far and wide for some nice retextures of vanilla buildings but I can't seem to find any (well I only found the swamp one but it isn't my cup of tea). I've seen a topic on here that some users were actually able to extract the vanilla png's for textures so I was hoping someone did some retextures :D (I've seen Red Ketchup in that topic but I can't find if he got his hands on a vanilla retextures and created mods).
I would appreciate any help! I'm playing this game again after 4 years and it's as addicting as then, but since my little sister is playing too, I try to not use stand-alone building/production mods because they confuse her (even though I adore DS's village mods).
Thank you and have a nice day!


Hi @Mikatoon !

I like vanilla textures and have them in many of my mods. Search and you find.
They are a little everywhere.

Here is my Old Town mod with several houses with only vanilla textures.
Both wood and stone.;sa=view;down=463


@kid1293 Thank you for responding! I was thinking of textures that replace how the vanilla buildings look  :-[ English isn't my native so I worded myself wrongly. I managed to find that @RedKetchup did maybe a reshade of the vanilla judging from this picture, but I can't find if he uploaded it separately to his editor choice mod. I'm new so I don't know how active users are, but if he's active I would pretty please ask if he can upload or guide me to download a mod that changes the look. Thanks!


Yes! I downloaded the Editors Choice mod and the vanilla houses have a new look, the church model is even changed! I ask pretty please a link to RK's mod that changes how the vanilla buildings look! <3 My sister loves them too! :D


Oh, I that about it the wrong way. You want vanilla buildings but in other textures.

Sorry, we do not have access to the models in the game and the textures are really
complicated. We need the models to make a proper retexture.

BTW. Hi and welcome :)


Yes, I found out the maps are not there for vanilla, but RK managed to reshade them a bit because they're like this in his mod :D
Hopefully, if he's online maybe he'd help me and release a pack with only stuff that edits vanilla buildings and the map editing stuff he has (the new types of resources, crops, animals, building etc make my mind go *boom*) I'd be willing to donate because I really like what he did. :)


Those are RK's buildings. Not retextured vanilla. All his own.
Maybe RK shows up but it is quite a bit between his visits now.