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Tom's Teaser

Started by Tom Sawyer, April 24, 2020, 08:10:07 AM

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Tom Sawyer

Hi to all the WorldofBanishers! I know it doesn't really help, but anyway just made a mod that adds flags of Ukraine and overpaints some of my buildings.


Hi @Tom Sawyer

I saw what you made for today's release and I like it, it was good of you to do. I like those colors for your website too.  :)

So your post reminded me that I haven't yet tried out the updated North 7.1.3 yet since I returned to Banished so I am playing within it right now. I have two questions for you and also a tiny request. (1)Do you realize the Things Stead > Production page does not scroll and therefore doesn't show all of the Limits we can adjust? (2) Did you ever go back in and fix it so that we can build the dock Arch Bridge without the fishing lures in the DS Jetty&Bridge?

And my request for you is - would there be any possibility that you can put a minimize button in that Things Stead window?

Thanks for any consideration and time involved on your part.

Sometimes it's the very people who no one imagines anything of
        who do the things no one can imagine.


Well done Tom, I breaks my heart to see what is happening, and I have shed many a tear as I watched youtube clips of what is going on in Ukranine.

The train filled with sick children being evacuated to safety was heart breaking, while at the same time it was awe inspiring to see good people rushing them to Poland.

To be so far away, and unable to help has been difficult for me, as I imagine it has been for thousands, if not millions, of other good people around the world.

I pray Finland and Moldova aren't next and things spiral out of control -  indeed I pray we are all alive in a few weeks time.

Thank you Tom.