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Started by katbarf, September 20, 2020, 03:32:56 AM

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I've downloaded what's available monument/decoration-wise. Any content creators out there working on statues or monuments that take a lot of materials and time to build? As awesome as pyramids would be I'd figure things that would fit into the Banished landscape. Things like large statues dedicated to Bannies of the past, huge ship monuments that give happiness , a large crypt/mausoleum  that satisfies their needs for dead Bannies., etc etc...possibilities are endless on what could fit into the world.


Oh and if possible, sort of like Pharaoh and Zeus, you'd have to fill it with offerings (or it could be a construction need) for it to work. For example, it takes X amount of logs, stone, iron AND food to build.


all decorations and monuments? did they fit and can your computer handle them all?

white house,many many castles, a full zoo worh of animals, a full statue set in stone,jade,marble,etc,ponds several,a water mod, white house,a mission, flowers,trees, fences, plus huge actual monuments and churches. there is tons added in many many mods.

i did a map of many monuments and monumental mod concept accomplishments. there has been tons made since then even. check out my ELNOR map.


Did you get all the EB monuments and statues?  Some of his seems to be the type of thing you are wanting.


Yep I have all of his. My PC is a monster it runs Cities Skylines with 81 tile mod without a hitch and a metric crapton of mods.