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Error nomads or trader?

Started by BurnPapaya, April 01, 2021, 07:36:32 PM

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Guys i need ya help, I'm having a problem with saving my game, when nomads or trader come it will give me an error, im having a hard time finding the error in my mod, does anyone also experience it?


My guess is that it's the mixture of mods that causes these crashes. Older mods may be a reason and load order is important. Which townhall do you use to receive nomads? Wich trading posts?

A mixture of many mods from many modders need a lot of experience and testing to work.

Goblin Girl

I'm sorry I didn't see this until now.  @BurnPapaya, if you're still having a problem with this, I can tell you that it is quite common with pre-1.07 mods. So my guess is that you've got a mod (that includes a trading post) that was never updated. 


i saw some kind of  problems like that .... do you have necora mods ontop of other mods ?

try this to see if it helps
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