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Started by Cillie, June 09, 2021, 11:07:46 AM

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Hello, I am looking for a perfumery mod. I had one in the megamod 8.1, but i rather play with mods stand alone from diffrent modders. Now i am looking for this perfumery mod, but can not find it anywhere. The perfumery i used in the megamod is the one were you need flowers and water to make perfume.

Thank you.


@Cillie That perfume making from flowers is not a stand alone mod, it is part of Red Ketchups RK Editor's Choice mod.



If you don't want to download the whole Editor's Choice mod, it's also included in Red's Garden Walls Utility mod.


There is problem with Garden Wall Utility mod - it is 106 mod with old flags, then when updated to 107 still a problem because RK changed flag for the fertilizers.  There is a patch somewhere but I don't know where offhand and if not mistaken there was still some problem with that old mod even with the patch.


ah ha, I had patch listed in Kid Lost & Found - here is link to where patch can be found