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Rabbit Skins?

Started by River, June 18, 2021, 11:07:20 PM

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i have kid's Mini Buildings mod, and Jinxie's Rabbit Hutch mod. I figure, easy way to get leather for coats, right? Wrong. The blacksmith won't use the rabbie leather to make coats. Is something wrong, or just me?

Also, looking for a small tailor that will utilize sheep skin.
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@River Blacksmiths make tools, Tailors or Workshops make coats from leather or wool. I don't know of mod that has sheep skin.

Jinxie Rabbit Hutch produces leather, use tailor in Jinxie Bitty Village Set:;sa=view;down=549

Kid does not have Mini Buildings mod - that is CC

Kid Tiny mod has a tiny tailor and tiny workshop that make coats from leather and/or wool :;sa=view;down=336

Kid Old Town and other mods have tailors and workshops.

You might like Kid WorkPlaces:;sa=view;down=204


Necora's PINE MOD has trapping. the furrier tailor does make coats from pelts or furs. not specifically rabbit but close. the bannies can collect items from the traps when clearing land and the forester will also.