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Does this dairy mod exist

Started by Terpy, December 11, 2021, 10:36:00 PM

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Is there a dairy mod out there that allows you to choose a single resource to make milk into? I'm using the CC mod & I have their creamery, but it outputs butter, cheese, etc. While I don't mind the variety in some cases, it would be nice to force the creamery to only produce butter for bread or cheese for cheese bread. As it is, since it's splits the output up between multiple resources, I often find I don't get enough of the one ingredient I need.


Kids Workshop 2.05 for example:;sa=view;down=204
The Diary looks small but has a great output - I really love using this. An erlier Version of this mod is included in MegaMod, which has some different output variations - Im using both so I can vary.


most creameries do. none work to give a variety except the CC old dairy. even in the CC there should b others.


Thank you for the suggestions. I hadn't even thought to look for a new creamery!