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Vanilla building retextures

Started by Voeille, July 18, 2022, 04:41:56 PM

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so there is no way to split it and separate the parts? that limits many ideas.


If multiple things are in a single block, then indeed changing one will overwrite changes another mod made to different properties. So in this case changing storage capacity for the barn overwrites changes made to its flags or vice versa depending on load order.

Visual stuff can usually be separated from anything else; there might be some exceptions but I cannot think of an example at the moment. So this texture replacement will be compatible with mods that make other non-visual changes to vanilla buildings and shouldn't show any conflicts.


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I wish some of the models were mapped a bit better. When I started the hospital, I noticed that the roof was too large and upside down, so I scribbled on it to get an idea where things are on the texture, and it turns out the bit marked red is shared between a few parts of the building, but unfortunately it's flipped on one of them, so either the bit at the back will be upside down, or those at the top. I think I will go with the latter as that should be less noticeable.

Vanilla school looks different to any other buildings, it shares roof with some, but the walls are unique. I decided to keep it, but instead of just white, I used different wood so it should stand out a bit less but still stay unique.

I've done a few other unrelated retextures, but they aren't a building, so will go into separate mods. The stock pile will likely be included in an update to my terrain replacer (I need to update the crop texture anyway — or at least see if one with more even dirt stripes is better).

The sky doesn't really fit with anything else so a new mod makes most sense. This is just a colour change; the original cube map is fine (I found it here), but because of the sky colour it felt cloudy even during clear weather, so my colour is more like actual clear sky. The sky cannot be viewed without a zoom hack, but it's used in water reflections, so the water colour is basically the same as the sky.

I also made darker version of vanilla roads (they always felt too bright with any of my grass replacers) and upped the resolution. It would probably be better if the roads were separate instead of a replacer, so I might do that at some point and add a few more.

I have a rather short attention span so a lot of that is not likely be finished until I jump between games again and come around playing Banished once more, but I'll try to get the buildings done at least. It won't be all buildings, but I want to replace the orange thatch, rough wood and the brown roof.


the sky and the water refections are looking really nice! that with your lush and green mod will give a nice contrast!


Very nice. Especially the sky reflection. Could at lest that be split into separate mod?
There's never enough deco stuff!!!
Fiat panis.


The sky is already a separate mod. The problem with releasing is that it needs all the tedious things done like the icon, description, nice screenshots etc. and that's not really something to look forward to. What I can do though is just share a beta version without those things and do a proper release in the downloads section at some other point.

Here is the sky, version 0.9 (the icon is just copied from one of my other mods):

And if anyone wants to try it, here are the 4 building retextures completed so far (version 0.2):

With my speed and attention span it's going to take months or longer to complete all, so I might as well share partial work instead of nothing at all. I will update it once I add more retextures.

The sky is just a recolour of the original one. The buildings use resources from and original textures extracted using TexMod.


I updated the crop texture of lush & green to match the actual crops growing and where the farmers plant them. I will update the main mod with it and with the stockpile texture soon. At least the icon was already done for the original release!


This is a treat, thank you very much.


There's never enough deco stuff!!!
Fiat panis.


Thanks Voeille ;D GREAT JOB !! I like such wooden buildings - modified


Thanks and very much appreciated   :)