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Recommended first play tru mods

Started by WinDev27, June 29, 2022, 12:29:32 AM

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Hello, new to the game and I know most people recommend giving the first play without mods and I kinda agree with that, must I just like mods overall.

So what mods you would consider for a first play tru?

Right now I'm using the quarry/mines mods so it gets unlimited resources and that is as far as i want to go to make the game easier. The mods I'm looking for are mostly about some QoL changes and graphic/texture updates.

Then in the future, I'm considering the RDK mod then CC then the mega mod. Should i use more mods on top of these ones? Also, can i stack these 3 mods with each other?

One mod that I'm tempting to use is:  as it doesn't change the game itself, only adds QoL and the aging 1:1 that i want, but it is from 2014, so I guess it's not compatible with the 1.07 version of the game?



everyone has their own ideas. before adding any mods, i recommend making a list of what YOU think is missing and where you want to go. there are so many mods for all types of places and time eras. you should read the guide as well. it mi9ght give some ideas and help understand how mods function. the hope is to avoid conflicts or at least be able to find them quickly.

step 3 is to add the mod manager so you can enable mods and move them in the mod order. this tool will save you lots of time later.

now for adding some mods- this too depends on how much time you plan to spend playing banished. if you are going to plat an hour once a week off and on, you might want to just add 1 of the bigh mods that will enhance the game. if you plan to play daily and finish lots of maps, you might want to build a mod collection and try different things. all players are different and build our own play styles.

generally old mods will work. some will flag the items differently than the newer mods. even an aging mod depends on the player's perspective. what age do you want them to end school or get married? what age should they die at? the original 1:1 age mod has many options and it is not the only 1:1 age mod now.

the MM-mega mod is the CC mod plus many other mods together. it is like adding 100 mods at once.  there are drawbacks with it. you do need more computer power to run it. that is the 1 limit we all have as to how many mods we can add. at some point, the computer maxes out and will slow down the game play. that applies to graphc functions and RAM both.

i don't recommend the Banished Plus mod. has been a while since i used it, but it did have conflicts with other mods. much of what it brings has been upgraded by the game over time or can be altered with other mods anyhow.

the reason for that list before starting to download mods is to save you time. it gives you a goal of where you want the game to go. over time , you'll find what works for you and your own style. with the list, you can go thru both download sections, the 1.07 mods and the older mods, and find all types of options. without a goal, it is easy to be overwhelmed and load more mods than the system you have will function with.

i've build a mod collection over several years. started with 1.04 banished and been thru the upgrades. have worked out many mod conflicts and problems along the way. if you get stuck feel free to ask, myself and the other players here will be glad to help. you might want to look thru the village blogs for more ideas as well. i still do blogs with mod orders liisted but have moved them to TOM's site-

have fun with it and keep us posted on your progress.


I agree with what Brads said — I have played many modded games and made mods myself, but the rule of thumb is to always play vanilla first for a while. That way you can decide what you like and what you don't about vanilla game and find mods that suit your playstyle. For example, there might be a vanilla feature that you'd like, however you wouldn't get to experience it because a mod would replace it.

There are many ageing mods indeed (I contributed my 2 cents with 1:1 alternative having a few options), some really do just affect the ageing, but some change other values as well (for example food consumption).

Once you start installing mods, I would try a few smaller ones first, and then some of the bigger overhauls. I wouldn't personally use MegaMod as I prefer to pick and choose mods. Many small standalone mods work fine with the overhauls, ther might be some overlap and differences with production numbers for the same resources depending of which mod it comes from, but overall it works fairly smoothly. Load order is the key to make things work properly, and if there is overlap, you want to load the mods you want to take precedence first (for example, I would load DS Timber Mill fairly close to the start as I prefer timber/lumber models from that mod).


I don't know where anyone gets the "play vanilla first" stuff from, totally irrelevant.

There are several standalone mods.....
Colonial Charter
North 6
North 7 (Has aging mod)

Colonial Charter, to me, is the most ideal mod if you are initially looking for something new for Banished.   It's complete, everything works together, it has many new product chains.   It basically has it all for getting used to new concepts that mods add.   When I want to play a regular round of Banished, this is my go to mod.

North mods are great and completely different style all together and N7 adds the aging mod (I'm not a fan of the aging mod because it just drags everything out)

RKEC is great also, obviously incorporates all of his own mods in to one fantastic standalone.

I don't do the whole separate individual mod stuff, so I can't help in that department, too much effort required for me to bother.


without playing vanilla for some time, they wouldn't know what all the mods change. there are subtle changes made that affect the landscape and game play. these would be missed. the other thing is to get used to the concepts and food production aspects. little experience does help.

CC is 1 of several good base mods. but it does have drawbacks. the production values are figured based on trade values. in producing higher grade foods, the quantity goes down. this alone could frustrate a new player. harder they work to produce better food, the more loss there would be. they'd work toward starvation. i do find the chains of the RK less complex. but that too is partly cause the game upgraded to 1.07 after the last CC was developed. the CC J was altered as far as the limit flags but not the production outputs.


I still don't see why knowing Vanilla would matter before using mods.   It just depends on how the person wants to play really.   I don't think CC made things any harder just different.   If anything it made things easier since you had more options available.    Again, it's up to each person to decide what their goals are and how each mod affects them whether positive or negative, can go either way.   Want things harder, certain mods go against that.  Want things easier, certain mods go against that also.   Like the aging mod, I can't stand it while others love it.

I do know, even if I had a lot of info about all the individual mods, not sure I'd want to spend that kind of time going over all of them for anyone.  Really just takes time to go look and see what is available individually.  Too much work for me that's why I like the full mods.


Quote from: theonlywanderer on June 30, 2022, 12:00:46 AM
I don't think CC made things any harder just different.

The opposite: CC made things a lot easy and cheating.
so many things is super OP.
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I know the CC charcoal is definitely overpowered because I end up using that for everything.   I trade charcoal for logs that get turned in to more charcoal and that entire charcoal industry supports all home heating requirements and trade for food imports.  I setup traders to prioritize bringing each food group of grains, meats, fruits, veggies.     This is a self sustaining loop that doesn't require any attention once completed other then scaling it up as the population grows which is just increasing the auto purchase quantities.


whats about duck blind ? OP
whats about cotton and coat ?
and there are more i dont know cause i never played it and i will never never. dont want to lose my time left on this world with this pathetic OP mod
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I forgot about duck blind, yes it's powerful.

I don't consider Colonial Charter to be anything close to pathetic, it's simply another option.   To each their own.