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Music tracks

Started by Voeille, July 17, 2022, 12:57:29 PM

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I wanted to add some tracks from The Sims 1 to Banished. They are originally mp3. I found the MusicTracks.rsc file, and I know I need to have the file in Audio/Music. I tried two websites to convert the file from mp3 to wav with various settings and to no avail, it always fails the compilation with "Failed to load and convert wave file". What specific settings does it need?


Just put this file in your mod folder. (where you have your .bat-file)
It should do the trick. No addressing is necessary.
The program will convert sound files to the right format.

River I just put this, and any mp3 file into my WinData and it will convert it? What about the default music? I have music turned off because I got tired of the same old same old. I would love to introduce some other music and play to that.
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Thanks a lot, this indeed have worked. I think the calm build mode piano tracks work quite well with Banished — but it might be just the familiarity as I played that now very old game quite a lot.

One thing worth noting is that for this to work the mod path must not contain spaces. On this computer I had my modkit under E:\Banished Mod Kit for consistency with other folder names, but I had to change it to E:\BanishedModKit (just like on my old laptop) for that program to work. Everything else was working fine with the spaces.

It must be a wav file, you can use a website to convert it for free, it worked with the Sims tracks. And not in your WinData, it needs to be in your mod folder in the modkit, which you then compile to .pkm like any other mod and that goes into WinData.