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Vanilla building retextures

Started by Voeille, July 18, 2022, 04:41:56 PM

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I started another thing which is going to take ages — retextures of wooden vanilla buildings. I always liked the models and the overall style, but I'm not a fan of that strangely orange thatched roof, and the wood looked a little too rough. My version is not very different, but it solves those two issues. I also added a little more detail.

I've done the gatherer's hut so far — the pictures are a comparison of that and completely unchanged herbalist's hut.



It looks great! The new textures are definitely an improvement



Quote from: Voeille on July 18, 2022, 04:41:56 PM
I've done the gatherer's hut so far — the pictures are a comparison of that and completely unchanged herbalist's hut.
Some deco plants are missing near building?


The gatherer's hut doesn't have any deco plants, and all I edited is just the roof and wall texture, so even if it did, that simple edit wouldn't have removed it. The two buildings in the picture are the the retextured gatherer's hut, and the vanilla herbalist's hut, which is a different' building. I just wanted to have a visual comparison of the textures side to side (many vanilla buildings have the same textures).

I have the forester's lodge in progress. I also plan to replace the brown roof used on a few buildings (for example school, tailor), and the fabric roofs used in the market. I will show more pictures once I have more buildings done.


Will your retextured buildings be a complete replacement or will it be an additional themed set? Either way I am really looking forward to this mod.


wow , I like it. very much in the style of EB's wooden houses. it will be great to mix those with this re-texture!


It will be just a simple texture replacer, toggleable at any time during the game.

It is true it should fit in nicely with EB's houses, the colour scheme is similar, and it's possible the thatch has the same base texture as I just used one from (this one, you can see vanilla thatch there too), just changed colour as I didn't want the original grey. Interestingly the example apiary from the modkit also uses that texture, but in a vivid orange colour. I wonder if the developer would have gone for that texture instead of the one used for vanilla houses if he were to add more assets to the game after the apiary.


Wont hurt to post some pictures — done the barn and the forester. I think the barn is main offender, I never liked filling the whole map with them as you've got to do in the vanilla game (they have rather large footprint and only 6000 capacity — it is a huge difference between that and Maritimes food cellars that fit 5000 and the footprint is only 1x3 — either the cellar is OP or the barn is 'underpowered', or perhaps a bit of both?). It's not much better now as the model is exactly the same size, but at least the roof is a bit nicer.


I love the ivy and moss on the walls.  :D


Speaking of barn size, is there any way you could make the capacity higher, say 20,000


The capacity can be changed in StorageBarn.rsc by editing this block:

StorageDescription storage
RawMaterialFlags _storageFlags = Edible | Tool | Health | Clothing | Textile;
bool _areaBasedLimit = false;
bool _available = false;
int _volumeLimit = 6000;

The flags would also need to be changed to include the new custom ones. Many mods already have that included, but having a mod that edits the storage limit would overwrite it as it's in the same block, so a storage capacity mod needs to include the new limits as well.

I wouldn't do such a change in a texture mod though, it's best when mods stick to what they were intended to change. 'Feature creep' often causes many otherwise avoidable compatibility issues. Aren't there mods that already change it though? It seems like one of the first things (alongside unlimited mines) people would start with after the modkit was released. Perhaps there's even an updated version with new limits — but I don't know, I never really intended to change the default barn capacity, I just use other storage buildings instead.