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Here on World of Banished, you can attach your screencaps straight from Banished in your posts.  The attachments will be displayed as thumbnails in your post and when users click on the thumbnail a larger image will be displayed for them to see.

You are certainly welcome to keep using other sites for your screencaps and other game files but they can all be attached here if you want to instead.

Several image formats as well as zip and sav files are all acceptable.

Expand the Attachments and Other Options plus sign.

Look under the attachment textbox and you will see where you can click (more attachments) to add another attachment before you are ready to post.

How do you make the screenshots bigger? And how do you get writing between the shots?


--- Quote from: Bobbi on May 31, 2014, 02:25:19 PM ---How do you make the screenshots bigger? And how do you get writing between the shots?

--- End quote ---

If you want full size images in your posts with text in between, post upload your images in the Gallery, then use the provided link below your image to post that image in your forum post.  This is similar to you uploading your images to another image site like Imgur and then posting the link in your forum post.

I can give you further help if needed.

Can't post my village pictures as attachments :(
The pictures are 3.7 mb

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 94371840 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 16224 bytes) in /home/content/22/6530022/html/wob/Sources/Subs-Graphics.php on line 412

After that i tried again, it said i already uploaded the post..

i resize mine to 80%.


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