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Disner, my peaceful little town


Disner is growing slowly, mostly because I tend to just relax and only play at 1x speed, but everyone is healthy and happy... And so am I.
I am still figuring out all the possible buildings, there are so many with mega mod 8 installed! But I am having fun the relaxed way.
I love all the little details I am starting to add now, like the laundry :P
I also love my Tavern, and the chestnut roasting place, with the chestnut orchard behind it.

Everytime I see the word "Disner" I always read "Disney" at first XD

Great looking little town. Looking forward to seeing how it grows. And nice to see someone else playing at a relaxing 1x speed.

Very nice  :)

Looking good, I love all the little extra details like the washing lines, etc


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