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Started by RedKetchup, February 16, 2017, 03:48:48 PM

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once you are used to moving the mods to the mod folder,i recommend adding the mod manager. it is super handy for enabling new mods or adjusting the mod order.saveslots of time.remember when you enable the mods in game,you MUST exit and reload the game completely for them to work.


Awesome! Great info and presented so a dumb player, NOT a smart programmer, can follow the instructions. Thanks for your help.


As I downloaded more and more mods I found I was driving myself nuts trying to keep them all straight. To deal with the anarchy, I created a new folder under my Banished folder called Downloaded Mods. The game completely ignores this folder. I download all mod .zip and .rar files to that folder and unzip them there into a folder with the mod name and version number. That helps me prevent mod chaos. When I'm ready to start a new map with a different set of mods, I can remove old mods and copy new mods into windata quite easily. Note: I don't move files because that erases them in the original folder. I copy them and always make sure that I maintain the copy in the original folder.


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Thank you all for your incredible work with the additions to Banished. It's made my game play much more enjoyable! I appreciate that you all have extended it alot. Keep up the great work!


if you use mods before the 1.07 flags,they do load under the toolbar the old way.i actually have kept some mods that way.mostly houses and storages. if you use a nodic mod from TOM ,it will also go under the old way. generally old mods will work. some old markets may have issues.i think only 1 or 2 of the markets do get stuck in odd loops since they can not store new items.