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Kid's Workshop

Started by kid1293, January 24, 2020, 05:10:24 AM

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You are amazing. Thank you  :)


I cant download "groundcovers" - attachement not found. Pls reupload :)


 :( Sorry. Must be connected to the site's problems.
The paths to the attachments are wrong. Looks like there is no easy solution.
I can PM you the Groundcover. I do not want to have files permanently on Google.


Using Windows 11 and Edge I have been able to download some of the files using Internet Download Manager, setting it to run until completed. Spinning wheel for a long time, but eventually will complete. Just downloaded the Christmas mod and it took a little over 15 minutes, very slow on a 1000 fiber connection. Might be attributed to something other than just the link issues.


Good to know. I hope BigChihuahua sees this!


when it comes to download Christmas Mod 2021 I did it -the wheel turned a little   , maybe 2-3 minutes, I have an old computer - windows 7, I can't download a small mod directly, e.g. KW Deco zip or KwoidHouse 01.png  - the inscription 404 pops up - attachment Not Found - maybe this tip will help Big Chihuahua. Regards



Hi. I have restored the links to my Workshop mods in the first post.

I hope everything is okay with the site. Now that we have attachments again,
it is a large job to restore broken links (if we can)


Quote from: kid1293 on November 05, 2023, 07:07:33 AM
Hi. I have restored the links to my Workshop mods in the first post.

Thanks for fixing the links, is it worth adding a download over at the club with all the workshop mods, plus all the other little mods you have done like "tiny smoke" into a single club download just as a backup   :)


Will do it later today. :)



I am done uploading those rogue files (+sources) to Simtropolis.

There are many more such files here at WoB, hiding in discussions.