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Fast Food Stall

Started by MarkJerue, May 21, 2024, 09:56:05 AM

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Fast Food Stall;sa=view;down=705

Want fast food? You got it! Make your villagers happy with the occasional cheeseburger treat!

Note: I did not make this mod. It's an old submod for CC that still works. It may also work with other overhauls like MM & RK's medieval overhaul.

This building is great for advanced marketplaces. It's a 2x2 that has 1 worker that can produce one of 9 different recipes, all of them luxury food items per images below. The building will not produce much more food than it takes in, but it's nice to see your townspeople having a nice meal every once in awhile. Because who doesn't get the occasional taste for a cheese pizza or taco or nachos?