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Hi everyone,
I made this list as I was trying to sort through all the different possibilities for food/drink recipes, and I thought I'd post it here in case it's helpful to anyone. It turned out to be a much bigger list than I imagined - so many cool options for a foodie town! (Note that some of these - I know Redketchup's old barn pub is one - are consumed as luxuries rather than food, so be careful if you're planning to rely on any as a food source. A HUGE thank you to all the modders for being so generous with your time and talent!

EB Bakery
Bread – flour
Cake – flour & eggs
Pie – flour, eggs, apples

Kid – Bakery (in Fairy Tale v. 1.02, Friendly Blue Too +others]
Bread – flour
Nut bread – flour & walnut
Herb bread – flour & herb

Redketchup - Medieval Bakery & Old Bakery (same recipes) (both in Megamod 8.01)
Hardtack -flour
Nut bread- flour, walnuts
Cheese bread -flour, cheese
Fruitcake – flour, apricots
Sugar cookies – flour, sugar
Croissant – Flour, butter
Donut – Flour, vegetable oil
Flatbread – Flour, salt
Garlic bread – Flour, herbs
Bagel – Flour, egg
Muffin – flour, blueberries
Cake – flour, honey
Apple pie – flour, apple, honey
Cherry pie – flour, cherry, honey
Pecan pie  - flour, pecan, honey
Omelet - Eggs, onions, mushrooms
Quiche – Eggs, flour, cheese

Kid – Bakery & Garden Alt v1.1
Bread – flour    
Nut bread – walnuts, flour
Herb bread – herbs, flour
Oat cookies – oats, honey
Pumpkin pie – flour, pumpkin, seed oil, spices
Fruit pie - Flour, Apples, seed oil
Fruit pie - Flour, Cherries, seed oil
Fruit pie - Flour, Plums, seed oil
Fruit pie - Flour, Berries, seed oil

Kid – Rise and Shine Bakery in Bed & Breakfast v. 1.21
Bread – flour
Pastry – flour, apple, maple syrup
Pastry – Flour, apple, wild honey
Pastry – Flour, berry, maple syrup
Pastry – Flour, berry, wild honey

Kid – Baker in Hobbits v1.02
Bread – flour
Nut bread – flour, walnuts
Herb bread – flour, herbs
Donuts – Flour, apple
Donuts – Flour, berry

Kid - Christmas baker in Christmas 2020
Gingerbread - Flour, sugar, spices, firewood
Gingerbread - Flour, honey, spices, firewood    
Plum cake - Flour, plum, spices, firewood

Kid – Bakery in Settlers v 1.01
Nut bread (flour & walnuts
Herb bread (flour & herbs
Jelly bun (flour & berry)

Discrepancy - Village Bakery in DS Small village (production)
Bannocks -flour, water
Bread -flour, water
Cakes -flour, honey, water
Meat pie- Venision, flour, water
Meat pie- Beef, flour, water
Meat pie- Mutton, flour, water
Meat pie- Chicken , flour, water

Kid – Breakfast Nook in Kid Bed & Breakfast v. 1.21
Breakfast - Bread, fruit jam, coffee bean
Breakfast – Bread, wild honey, coffee bean
Oatmeal – oats, berry, apple
Oatmeal – wild oats, berry, apple
Bacon N Egg – Bacon, egg, coffee bean

Kid – Pancake House in Kid Bed & Breakfast v. 1.21
Pancakes - Flour, egg, maple syrup
Pancakes - Flour, egg, wild honey

Kid - Pie baker in Hobbits v1.02
Pie - Flour, beef, potato
Pie - Flour, beef, potato, carrot
Pie - Flour, beef, potato, onion
Pie - Flour, beef, mushrooms
Pie - Flour, mutton, potato
Pie - Flour, mutton, potato, carrot
Pie - Flour, mutton, potato, onion
Pie - Flour, mutton, mushrooms
Pie - Flour, chicken, potato
Pie - Flour, chicken, potato, carrot
Pie - Flour, chicken, potato, onion
Pie - Flour, chicken, mushrooms
Pie - Flour, venison, potato
Pie - Flour, venison, potato, carrot
Pie - Flour, venison, potato, onion
Pie - Flour, venison, mushrooms

Discrepancy – Gruel kitchen in DS Small village (production)
Gruel - Wheat, water, firewood
Gruel - Corn, water, firewood
Gruel - Barley, water, firewood
Gruel - Oats, water, firewood
Gruel - Wild oats, water, firewood
Gruel - Hemp, water, firewood
Gruel - Acorns, water, firewood

Kid – Market Stew in Market Food V.4 & Sam’s Stewpot in Hobbits v1.02 (same recipes)
Stew - Potatoes, beef, herbs
Stew - Potatoes, mutton, herbs
Stew - Potatoes, venison, herbs
Stew - Potatoes, chicken, herbs
Stew - Potatoes, rabbit, herbs
Stew - Potatoes, carrots, shrooms

Kid – Market Soup in Market Food V.4
Meat soup – chicken, wheat, firewood
Meat soup – beef, onion, firewood
Fish soup – fish, potato, firewood
Vegetable soup - Cabbage, potato, firewood
Vegetable soup - Potato, onion, firewood
Vegetable soup - Bean, pepper , firewood
Vegetable soup - Pumpkin, bean , firewood
Vegetable soup - Mushroom , firewood

Blackliquid - Soup kitchen v.3
Chicken soup – chicken, onion, carrot
Beef stew - Beef, carrot, pea, potato
Broccoli soup – broccoli, cream, carrot
Miso soup – seaweed, soybeans, fish
Lobster bisque – lobster, flour, onion, butter
Pea soup – pea, pork, cream
Corn chowder – corn, milk, potato
Strawberry soup – strawberry, cream, sugar
Tomato soup – tomato, milk
Venison stew – venison, potato, carrot, wine

Discrepancy - Village Kitchen in DS Small village (production)
Mushroom soup – mushroom, herb, water, firewood
Vegetable stew-Mushroom, root, onion, firewood
Vegetable stew-Horn carrots, cabbage, onions, firewood
Vegetable stew-Pumpkin beans, onion, firewood
Hunter’s stew – venison, onion, herbs, firewood
Fisherman’s catch – fish, mollusc, firewood

Discrepancy's Jetty Kitchen Kiosk in DS Jetty & Bridge
Vegetable Stew - cabbage, mushroom, onion, firewood
Vegetable Stew - pumpkin, roots, onion, firewood
Vegetable Stew - mushroom, roots, onion, firewood
Vegetable Stew - roots, onion, water, firewood
Fisherman's Catch (2 variations) - fish, mollusc, firewood
Mushroom Soup - mushroom, herb, water, firewood
Mushroom Soup - mushroom, onion, water, firewood
Roast Chicken - chicken, firewood
Omelette - eggs, onion, mushroom, firewood
Omelette - eggs, mushroom, mollusc, firewood

Kid – Chuck wagon in Westward Ho
Stew- Venison, potato, water
Stew- Venison, mushroom, water
Stew- Venison, roots, water
Stew- Venison, onion, water
Stew- Bison, potato, water
Stew- Bison, mushroom, water
Stew- Bison, roots, water
Stew- Bison, onion, water

Kid - Market Roast Small in Market Food V.4
Roasted Meat- Chicken, firewood
Roasted Meat- Rabbit, firewood
Roasted Meat- Game, firewood
Roasted Meat- Turkey, firewood
Roasted Meat- Duck, firewood

Kid - Market Roast Large in Market Food V.4
Roasted meat- Beef, firewood
Roasted meat- Pork, firewood
Roasted meat- Venison, firewood
Roasted meat- Bear, firewood
Roasted meat- Boar, firewood
Roasted meat- Bison, firewood

Kid - Market BBQ in Market Food V.4
BBQ meal – chicken, potato, firewood
BBQ meal – chicken, sweet potato, firewood
BBQ meal – beef, potato, firewood
BBQ meal – beef, sweet potato, firewood
BBQ meal – mutton, potato, firewood
BBQ meal – mutton, sweet potato, firewood
BBQ meal – venison, potato, firewood
BBQ meal – venison, sweet potato, firewood
Fish & chips – fish, potato, firewood
Fish & chips -  fish, sweet potato, firewood
Vegetables – mushrooms, potato, firewood
Vegetables -  mushrooms, sweet potato, firewood
Vegetables -  onions, roots, firewood

Redketchup – Old Barn Pub (in RK Editor’s Choice full)
Meal – steak, potato, beer
Meal – Lambchop, cabbage, ale
Meal – Roast, piment, wine
Meal – Bison steak, tomato, mead
Meal – Boar ribs, spinach, beer
Meal – Goat cuts, mushroom, ale
Meal – Smoked meat, onion, wine
Meal – Roast chicken, rice, mead

Kid – Taco Kitchen in Tequila addon
Taco- Corn, beef, tomato
Taco- Wheat, beef, tomato
Taco- Corn, mutton, tomato
Taco- Wheat, mutton, tomato
Taco- Corn, venison, tomato
Taco- Wheat, venison, tomato
Taco- Corn, bean, tomato
Taco- Wheat, bean, tomato
Salsa- Tomato, onion, herb

Kid – Mission Kitchen in The Mission 1.5
Chili con carne – beans, pepper, beef
Chili con carne – beans, pepper, mutton
Chili sin carne – beans, pepper, potato
Tortilla bread – corn
Tortilla bread – wheat

Jinxie – Spaghetteria in Bitty Pasta
Pasta – flour, herb
Spaghetti – flour, tomato

Kid - Market Fall Food in Market Food V.4 & Warm Snacks in Christmas 2020 (same recipes)
Baked apple – apple, firewood
Baked potato – potato, firewood
Roasted chestnuts – chestnut, firewood
Roasted corn – corn, firewood

Redketchup – Red creamery in Megamod 8.01
Yogurt – milk, berries
Yogurt – milk, peaches
Yogurt – milk, cherries

Kid – Animal Shed – Cheese
Goat cheese
Herb cheese

EB Ice Cream Cart
Ice cream – milk, berries
Ice cream – milk, cherries
Ice cream – milk, peaches

Kid – Sugar Plum shop in Fairy Garden v. 1.0
Candy – Plums, honey
Candy – Plums, wild honey

Kid – Candy Store in Christmas 2020
Candy – Sugar, blueberry
Candy – Sugar, Apple
Candy – Sugar, Plum
Candy – Sugar, Spices
Candy – Honey, blueberry
Candy – Honey, Applberry
Candy – Honey, Plum
Candy – Honey, Spices

Redketchup - Ketchup Inc in Megamod 8.01
Ketchup – tomatoes

Kid – Wild West v. 1.1
Corn whiskey – corn

Discrepancy – Mead brewer in DS Small village (production) – discrepancy
Mulled mead – honey, herb

Angainor88 –Sake maker in Japanese Miscellaneous
Sake – rice

Kid – Pilgrim’s Rest Tavern in Colonial Resources v 2.01
Root beer - roots

Kid – Christmas 2020

The Yule Tap or Christmas Spirits
   Mulled wine – grapes, spices

Julmust store
   Julmust – Sugar, spices

Nog Nook
   Eggnog – Eggs, milk, spices

Hot chocolate
   Hot chocolate – milk, cocoa, firewood

Oh my goodness, what a list

@RedKetchup - pin this list! It is fantastic

This is great work thank you!

This is wonderful! Great work!


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