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A8 America City Living V. BETA 1.0;sa=view;down=653

This is a beta test version. I am going to be adding more houses, I just wanted to let you all play with it so you don't have to wait another six months for the finished version.

Let me know any feedback, especially with respect to balancing the costs for each house.

*runs off to start another colonial town*

Wow, these are gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing!

@angainor88 ;) :) :D Thank you very much.Mgnificent buildings


--- Quote ---Let me know any feedback, especially with respect to balancing the costs for each house.
--- End quote ---

Yeah, okay! But first:
They look awesome.

I am using them in my latest playthrough and here is what I recognized.

I think the house are way to cheap. You could at least double the needed amount of resources, since it is a very big, massive house.
In addition, I think more Bannies should be able to live in such a big house. At least 8 I think like in Kids modular Rowhouses. This goes for the big Elfreth Corner House, the big Tremont House, the big Commonwealth Corner House and the big Commonwealth House. All other houses have less floors and fit for 6 people.

Aaaaand if I could make a wish it would be the following:
You have designed the houses so that they come with their own walkway. If you build the houses in rows, it looks great.
But sometimes I don't want to build the houses in a row at all.
I would wish for additional F-key variants that come without a sidewalk. I would also like a free-standing variant with one wall of the house wasn't bare.

A8 America City Living   A8 America City Living

And at last, not to forget:
They look awesome.


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