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Kid - Settlers V1.01

Started by kid1293, June 02, 2019, 07:17:51 AM

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Goblin Girl

I downloaded this a couple weeks ago and have been playing with it.  I love these buildings so much!  I think they go nicely with the houses you made that match the bakery.  I don't remember what the official name of that set is, but I think of it as Pie Town because the icon has a pie and a building on it.

I wish you would re-skin your Wind Sawmill to match this set.  Or you know, just give it a couple f-key variants.  I'm sure you've got other things on your plate, @kid1293 , but I mention this in case you're needing some other work to do.  :D

Great work!


Hi @Goblin Girl !
I wish I could say I would do it but I really want that Wind Sawmill to be unique.
It has a place now and I will not change it or add to it. I am sorry, really.

Another thing is The Settlers is such a big mod. I hope it can give some satisfaction
even without a Sawmill. (why change something that works fine)  ;)

Goblin Girl

That's fine.  I love your sawmill just as it is.  I'm just a match-aholic.


Hi @kid1293

I've been using your new Native mod in my last couple of games and I paired it up with your Settlers mod. I was wondering, If I use the Harvest Trees button on your Nut Grove will it remove only the vanilla trees or your walnut trees as well? In the winter when the leave are fallen and the trees are bare I try checking and I see some trees are missed with the Harvest Trees button but I wanted to double-check with you to be sure.

EDIT: And if I did remove all of the vanilla trees from the Nut Grove, the Nut Grove Forester would still chop down walnut trees for logs, right?
Sometimes it's the very people who no one imagines anything of
        who do the things no one can imagine.


Hi @MarkAnthony ...and Good Morning.

Yes, the Nutty Forester only plants and harvests nut trees but if there is a vanilla tree
where goes, he will cut that too.


And here is another fix for the mill.
V1.01 makes it worth using the mill.