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Mod set: America City Living

Started by angainor88, February 03, 2022, 09:09:28 AM

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Adding a few more houses to this mod:

Amory House with and without an extension

Egleston House with and without an extension

I'm planning to add one more house to this set, then balance the housing costs etc before re-releasing this one.


wow superb !

you did made a super ton of progression in your ability to draw 3d.
congrats !
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:) :)

Nice to see you active. I agree with RK - You have come far! :) :)


oh, these look really nice, good work  :)


The new houses look wonderful! 



Thank you all! I really miss making mods, but it's so hard to find time lol.


I have finished the last house of the set! I just need to do some cleanup and balance them properly and then I can release it.

It includes both a house and a separate back porch that can be added.

I got some earlier feedback on some of the brick houses that the having the sidewalks attached to the house didn't work for them and asked for a separate model without them. I think the file would be too large if I added more models (it is already very big D:  ), so if I were to implement that, I would just remove all the sidewalks.

Should I remove the sidewalks or keep it as it is?


what a nice set of houses  :)   I would say remove the sidewalks, be consistent, no sidewalks on any of them.


The houses look lovely no matter what you do with the sidewalk


you could remove the sidewalks and then add a sidewalk pice for players to add their own sidewalks if they choose to. make it ghosted, then it will work with roads and could be used tight against the houses. will help with fit in odd places that way.


I have just added a ghosted sidewalk piece to the set. I'm not sure it will work with all of the houses; I haven't taken the sidewalks off anything to test it yet. I will experiment and see how it looks.


Taking off the sidewalks is a lot more work than I thought lol

But the ghosted seems to work with the first house I modified. I don't think the ghost sidewalks will work well with anything that isn't right up to the lot line, but who knows


For me the only advantage in having ghosted sidewalks is being able to have the same buildings side by side, but with slight differences to how they look.

But thank you, your efforts re modding these buildings are much appreciated as it's nice to have more options when building  :thumbsup