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Ideas for themes/goals/"achievements"?

Started by Bluebird88, June 19, 2022, 09:51:10 AM

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Hi everyone,

I've realized I miss working toward the achievements in the vanilla game and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share some ideas for similar goals or themes when playing with modded version. I personally prefer more concrete goals to aesthetic challenges (mostly because I'm still fairly terrible at keeping up with needs and actually making a town look nice!) and I play on a pretty minimal laptop, so I'm not able to do challenges that involve a population over about 1,000.

Some of the ones I've seen mentioned that are the kind of thing I'm thinking of are a vegan town or a town with only "finishing" industries - i.e., no orchards, fields, animal pens, gatherers, etc. I'd love to try more ideas along those lines.

Thanks n advance!


I was actually going to post a few ideas for small villages, might as well do it here instead making a new thread. I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but perhaps it can help.

After completing vanilla achievements and playing with mods I found out I prefer really tiny settlements (up to 50-60 people) that grow rather slowly. I came up with a few challenges/ways to play that could make those villages more unique. Some of them could also work in larger towns. They do not necessarily add any difficulty, but can help with making the next playthrough differ more from the previous one. I have not played all of them so some might not actually work as expected.

Jewel of the forest

You can only build enough houses for the starting families + a single boarding house. Everyone should be equipped with gemstone tools, however you cannot trade for polished gemstones or the tools directly. Rough gemstones are OK to trade for. Ideally they should be mined locally, but their drop rate is so low that a fully staffed precious mine doesn't even guarantee a single gemstone per year, so trading is unfortuately needed. (Minimum mods: CC and Blackmith Tools from Black Liquid Software, for the materials and tools.)

They keep coming

Immigration must be your only way to increase population. To do this, you will need houses that can only hold up to 2 people (so no new citizens can be born), but an existing family can also move into them, so housing starting families should not be a problem. (Minimum mods: DS Jetty & Bridge or other mods that include houses for 2 occupants.)


Pick a family and follow their descendants from the start of the game up to the 5th generation. (Minimum mods: None. A 1:1 ageing mod can make keeping track of people easier, however it does take a long time to reach further generations, so vanilla might be preferred depending on playstyle.)

Less is more

As soon as your village is stable enough to survive, pick a single production chain / item category / resource and produce only that, trading for everything else necessary to sustain the village.


i set myself goals for each map. then adjust mods for the goal. the 1 i am on the goal is to import food. was going to be all processed foods, but can't get the trading to be consistant at bringing stuff we could process. the bannies do gather and hunt the forests. we have no farms, well most of the city. a new Oriental section is using rice paddies.

have done others too. sometimes it is a population #. i did maps to  build all the churches,various forts, all the Indian tribes, and  exported variety of alcohol. even did a huge zoo map with the decorations from CC.

  you have many options. can do fill the maps, small, medium, large. you could try all the climates. take all nomads, until you start to starve/ use up all the space. build all the trains, there are 2 mods with trains plus DS has tracks and mines. you can set the goal to export X amount of such and such. like say export 5,000 units of milk. we have so many toys and options. with the wharehouses, you can set the goal to produce silverware and furniture for every house.

each map can be unique and only limited by the mods you choose to use.


If you haven't attempted an all achievements on one map challenge, I would start there.   That alone should keep you going for quite a bit.


Thank you all very much! Lots of cool new ideas to try!

(I haven't attempted all the vanilla achievements on one map - your'e right, that would definitely keep me busy!)