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Farthest Frontier - Has become a reasonable game

Started by theonlywanderer, August 25, 2022, 06:06:19 PM

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Thanks for the post, will avoid   :)


I have it on my wishlist, like a ton of other early access games. I hope they flesh it out and fix all the problems before full release. I cheer on any city builder, the more the merrier!.

On that note, sad to see it looks like Patron hasn't had any updates in ages. That one had a lot of promise but it looks like it's dying. The mod community is pretty blah too.


I updated this post to inform everyone that Farthest Frontier has been revamped quite a bit and is very playable at this time.

I will say, pacifist is still my choice because what I said about raiders still applies.  They are simply to prolong the game by removing people and resources.  They provide an interesting challenge at first, but once you understand them they aren't that hard to defend against, it just takes more time to progress the town in the game when your spending so much time and resources on the defenses.

But overall the game has become pretty fun and enjoyable experience.