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Handy littles crates

Started by PlumSeed, January 30, 2023, 06:03:02 PM

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You know these little crates and barrels made by modders, which can store all kind of junk? When they are ghosted, you can put the same one as many times as you want in the same place and they will still be functional.   

It can become a bit cheaty, but who am I to judge (just don't put 50 of them on the same square). For those who have a ratio of 1 barn for 5 houses, and when space is starting to become the most precious resource, this can be handy. They usually don't contain too much so laborers will not stash on themselves 500 ales and failing to make their delivery to the tavern because the aubergiste can't take that much. 

Good hoarding y'all!


you can also stick them inside buildings and the bannies will happily store stuff in them   :)


You knew that too, you sneaky ^^. I do that inside trading posts and storehouse (with the North). It's just make sense. Sometimes I put them inside houses, it's quite funny to see bannies going in and out of someone else house. Some shady trafficking is going on.


it is handy that we have different options of these and the carts. some store luxery items,. some food and goods, others store materials. thanks to the Great modders, we have some nice options.

the ghosting is handy to hide them as well as use them up next to workplaces or houses. the footprint doesn't take away from gathering like in fodder meadows.


I'm an organizing freak so yeah, I'm in love with specialized storage, even more when this is ghosted lol.