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Just Ducky

Started by Abandoned, April 23, 2024, 06:47:47 AM

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Here is a picture of my black cat watching some unexpected visitors to my patio.  We've had a lot of rain the last month or so. The mallard was right in front of the cat eating out of chipmunk's food bowl.  Wildlife keep cat entertained until nap time.  :))

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Very nice and homely - the closest I get to a cat these days is when one jumps the fence and wanders through my yard on its way to the other side where it jumps the fence again as it continues doing the rounds of its territory. At one stage I had several cats all doing the same thing which meant that my home was located at the junction where the territories all the cats overlapped.  :)


This one was a stray, they always find me.  She is so loveable which is surprising because she wouldn't even let me touch her for a week after I got her in the house.  She never makes any attempt to go back outside but she loves sitting at that door.  She naps there in the sun, watching wildlife is so tiring.  :)) 


It sounds like the cat was meant to find you and a home where she felt safe and secure.

The last time I had a cat ( black and white ) was years ago when my daughter was living with me - when she moved out so did the cat.

Now the closest thing I have to a pet are coloured Cherry shrimp which is a work in progress and a new pond that I've just finished building - it was a fiddley process given I built it on a concrete slab that fell away from the house -  getting the levels right so that the water flowed, didn't leak, and nothing overflowed was a bit of a pain -  move this, move that, adjust it here, adjust it there, wait for something to cure then move on to what had to be done next.

It was well worth the wait -  in it are four Comet gold fish and four Shubunkin golf fish -  when I bought them I asked the lady how big they grew -  she said - not much bigger about twice the size -  they were 5cm long -  I later found out after checking online that the grew to ten times the size and will eventually out grow their pond -  oh well such is life -  I'll give them away when the time comes.


This is my new pond - a solar water pump circulates the water into a bog filter that empties back into the pond.
Everything seems to be working fine, but the pond as a whole stills needs to "cycle" so that the ecosystem is in balance


Oh, that is really cool 8) My ducks would really like that setup.  :D

I once had a 10 gallon aquarium.  I would put the ottoman in front of it and the stray cat I had at the time would sit there and watch the fish swim back and forth until he was lulled to sleep cured up on the ottoman.  :)


That is a very cool pond! I love the variety of plants and containers you have.

Stray cats that adopt you are the best. And the rapt attention they are paying to those ducks, lol.


And don't all those plants look healthy and well tended  :)

Right, stays are best. Cat sits and watches birds, chipmunks, squirrels, deer, turkeys and now ducks.  She growls at the raccoon and is scared and all puffed up, poor baby.  ???


I took in a stray cat that had been hanging around the neighborhood, initially I thought she had just moving in and had a home, but once I noticed she was losing weight I started feeding her and then when she got up the courage to come inside that was it, she was happy pottering around the house and garden, but when I moved she looked at the new garden and just went back inside the house, was happy to look out of the windows and when I got screen doors to sit and watch the world going by, but the garden stayed off-limits until old age caught up with her


Oh, the move was enough to shake kitties sense of security. They like the comforts of home  :)