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Looking for the map parameters used in CC Very Large maps

Started by john_doe101274, July 08, 2024, 09:23:58 AM

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I am looking for the map parameters used in CC map creation if anyone has this info.

I know Kralyerg would be the one to contact but no success yet so maybe someone here knows.

Specifically, I am interested in the parameters used for the Very Large maps (for Verdant Plains). e.g.

int _mapSize = 640;
int _flatAreaCount = 200;
int _minFlatAreaSize = 20;
int _maxFlatAreaSize = 30;
int _avoidAreaCount = 16;
int _minAvoidSize = 20;
int _maxAvoidSize = 30;
int _flatAreaConnections = 4;
int _streamCount = 4;
int _erosion = 16000000;
int _minLakeCount = 2;
int _maxLakeCount = 5;
int _minLakeSize = 30;
int _maxLakeSize = 60;
int _lakePartCount = 70;
int _minLakePartSize = 6;
int _maxLakePartSize = 12;

Thank you.


Slink did a topic on how to create a map, but other than that .... its possible there might be something in the wayback archive cos the old colonial charter site is backed on it


I'll check, but I think someone with the source would have to provide the numbers, although I have created a close approximation. Thanks.