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Banished - Mountain Men Achievement Series

Started by JBakesGaming, March 17, 2016, 08:39:50 AM

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Hello Everyone,

I decided to make a video series for the Mountain Men Achievement. The first I tried  I failed, but so far during the second attempt I've had much more success.

I hope you enjoy! Also feel free to comment with ways that you think it could be improved.

I've also included this in the village blogs post.

For the first part we got our village nicely started building all the necessary resource buildings and hoping our people don't starve or freeze.
Video 1: Hunt For Mountain Men Achievement

Success, we survived for more then a couple years, so here comes video 2 where we continue building up our small town.
Video 2: Onwards to Mountain Men

Our continuing fight to get Mountain Men achievement goes on, oh and maybe we should begin to be concerned about our health meter.
Video 3: Maybe We Should Build A Hospital

At this point it seems like we're not only surviving but thriving, time to expand.
Video 4: Expanding South

We've had our population at above 50 for a while, is it almost time for that mountain men achievement to pop up?
Video 5: The Final Stretch