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Board Cleanup And Membership Changes


Dear Members,

I started this forum years ago to help provide a nice quiet place to discuss Banished without spammers.  If you were a member on the Banished Authors forum, you know there was a regular issue of spam there.

We made it 5 years before they caught up to us, but arrive they did.
Thanks to RK and his diligence, cleanup was performed and changes were made to the registration process and complexity requirements.***

All members, please make at least ONE post on the forum, even if you just signed up to download mods and never participate anywhere else.  Post on the General Discussion: Welcome New Members thread so that I know you are a real member who wishes to continue your membership. Unfortunately, comments made on Download pages don't show up as a post history.

In February, I will begin deleting all accounts that have 0 posts, started with the oldest accounts, to begin a cleanup on the forum.
I know the vast majority of "members" only joined to be able to download mods.  That's fine, however, I will need one post from you to continue your membership status.

Spread the word so that we can keep everyone who wants to stay and continue to provide a nice place for Banished players and fans.

Thank you!

*** New system in place for anti-spam. Registration and posting should be simple now. Please continue to post at least once! Thank you!

Thanks you SO MUCH @The Big Chihuahua  for all your time and effort spent. You are giving us a such very nice home :)



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