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RK Farmstand updated with 1.1 version

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RK Farmstand updated with 1.1 version

Description: RK Farmstand.

This is a special request to get back the little farm stand i made for Elfecutioner...

A Market Stand is a mini market. It holds all kind of food (edible and non-edible), fuel, tools and clothing. Capacity: 3000 weight. Radius: 18 tiles. Provide Happiness: Goods. Cost: 18 logs. Employs: 1-2 vendor.

enjoy !!

Bugfixes: 1.1
Capacity and radius were not set accordingly as the tooltip was suggesting.

Very nice and useful! :) thanks!

Its adorable, ty for sharing it with us!

Thanks so much, Red!  There is a need for a small market/farm stand kind of building for those small outlying areas.

It was one of my favourites and its nice to have it back


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