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it happends sometimes i use AutoKey scripts to do some batchs and ranges of seeds and i ask to take a screenshot of the minimap which i resize 300% for better view of the map.
they give a very good idea of what that seed looks like. each pack of 100 seeds (8100-8199 for example) have between 15mo-24mo. zipped at optimal compression.

do you want me to post them ?

Please do!


@RedKetchup Thanks for these; very helpful! I expect I'll be using one of these maps very soon ;)

some range have 1 or 2 excellent map, need to find them like a needle in a ....
and some are very good range, if i think back about the 75xx, which unfortunatly, i didnt kept the minimaps back in the day, only numbers on a paper. i ll try to redo sometimes soon.
i saw 3 good in 81xx (i use one for Cheyenne, my new city)
and some range are ugly, but sometimes it s only cause i search for a 5000pop map, sometimes there are some extremly interessant, and beautiful settings, without maybe holding more than 2k, but are very beautiful.

when i ll start the waterfront challenge... i ll use one of those, i saw extremly very nice ones for that challenge  ;D


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