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Would someone be so kind as to give this PC fool help as to where mods are placed in the computer, i was use to using the Workshop but have since learned so many great mods exist without the workshop, well i need HELP! please, and thanks

before you begin,make a list of things you think should be added to the game or changes you want to see. this will help as it is so easy to get lost with the many many mods there are.

2nd check the build # at the bottom to be sure you have the latest version. this will prevent issues later. it should read version 1.07 build 170910.

3> now you have a choice to make. do you want to use the mod manager to organize the mod order or not?

          without the mod manager- forgetting this is the biggest cause of crashes. open the game,enable the mod and move it up or down in the order. when you leave the mod screen,the game reloads and saves the order. YOU MUST EXIT AFTER THAT AND RELOAD THE GAME ENTIRELY AGAIN. it takes long enough for the game to reload the 1st timeplayers forget to exit and relaod themself.

       you can enable or disable many mods at the same time, but always remember to exit and restart the game.

     with mod manager- the mod manager alows you to move the mods in the order and enable or disable outside the game.  if you move mods in and out of the order for different game plays,this is a huge time saver.

  4> make a folder to download the mods into. mine is on my desktop. you could use a thumb drive for them. this eeps them in 1 spot and helps organize them. the mods come in different formats than the game can read. having them in a folder is also a backup in case you delete them from the mod order folder.

5> unzip or unpack the mod files. they might be in zip or RAR format.7-zip will work and there are online sites that will work also. you need to extract them.

6> WHERE DO THEY GO? right click the game icon,open fie location.  the pkm files need to be copy and pasted to the WinData folder of the game.any other files do not have to be moved,only the pkm files are needed.  you can set a link for the WinData on the destop so it is easy to find and move the files.

7>open the game,see POINT 3 above. enable mod,game reloads,EXIT COMPLETELY,and restart the game.
  or open the mod manager,enable the mods and adjust the order  and play.

         welcome to banished. depending on the mods you added,you now have double to triple the game you had before. no you are not done yet.

step 8- read my post on organizing the mod order.

        you should check the village blog pages also. there are pics of various mods and writeups and tests on new mods.


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