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Kid's Mods Lost and Found

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Kid's Mods Lost & Found

  There are many small Kid's mods scattered around in forum threads and in my blog stories.  Here is a list of the ones I know of and where they were originally released.  There you will find brief descriptions, some discussions, and some pictures. I will list the mods in the groups that I have them in my mod list:  Map changing and start mods, tweaks, (there are no major mods), and supporting mods, which will indicate to you how high to place in your mod list.

Climate - Cold Mountain in Story 49  reply 2

Climate - More Snow in Story  35 reply 1

Climate - No Snow in Story 46  reply 7

Grouse-edit  here

Override maps in Suggestion/Work in Progress Maps but now updated with more one river maps and officially downloaded

Kid Tree Replacer Fairy at the end of  Story 66  all trees on map are vanilla pines and Kid's birches

Family Starts used often, released in Story 66.  Choose 3, 5, or 8 families only or with seeds, with livestock, or with both.  There is no barn or houses. 

Kid Vegetable Garden Start in Mod Discussion/Kid's Mods reply 91

Wildlife Starts  in Story 37  Reply 1

Garden Wall Utility Patch used in story 37, made to correct fertilizer flag change that caused RK's Garden Walls Utility mod to crash.  It was released in Village Image/Henega Frontier Town reply 4

MarketFixforRKEC in Mod Discusssion/RK Editor Choice reply 341

0verrideAnimal Quiet here

Override Clothes mods were released separately in several stories.  A zip file of 10 overrides can be found in Mod Discussion/override clothes v1.1  here:      There is a post listing stories where overrides can be seen and a link to matching deco people mod.  There is also link to official download.

Override Fairy Clothes  used & released at the end of story 66 

Override Uneducated  Request released in Suggestion/Educated Nomad 11/10/19 reply 3 here:  also in Mod Discussion/Kid Mods reply 164

B&B Mill Separate  in Mod Discussion/Kid Bed & Breakfast reply 52

Coal Furnace 2 in this thread reply 18

Deco Sunflower  Mod Discussion/Kid Bakery&Garden reply 1

Dung Pile in Mod Discussion/Kid Old Town reply 50

Forest Combo  in Mod Discussion/Kid's Mods reply 87

Free Market in Suggestions/New Market

Kid Bicycle in Suggestions/Bicycle

Kid Heat Wave a deco vulture in General Discussion

Kid Mist in story 37 reply 2 and also in same reply 87 as Forest Combo above link

Kid Portable Mine RKEC in Mod Discussion/Kid Portable Mine reply 6

[u}Kid Tree Bridge [/u] in Suggestions/Tree Bridge

Kid Vegetable Garden in Mod Discussion/Kid's Mods reply 91

Magic Portal  separate from Kid Fairy Garden mod in Story 66 reply 9

Map Markers in Suggestions/Keeping it Simple reply 6

Maypole  General Discussion/Happy Midsummer

Snowman original - later in Christmas mod.  Suggestions/Christmas Decoration Mod rely 1

Tiny Herb Patch a patch that produces herbs in Suggestions/Herb Patch  Updated to include a Tiny Flax Patch -same link

Because of site problems - some links above are broken.  Check reply 40 of this thread for new links:


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