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Redketchup's medieval town - corner buildings

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(Newbie alert!  :) )

I'm a bit confused about how the corner shops in RK's new medieval town are meant to be used. I see the note that the corner 2nd and 3rd floor corner residences only fit with the upgraded tailor, blacksmith, etc.. Are the buildings under the corner tab meant to be standalone (maybe in a row with one or two story houses?) or is there maybe an upgrade option I'm missing? The fact that they are corner buildings makes me think they're meant to connect to something, but I'm not quite sure what. Thank you!

You can use the corner shops alone, or attach the multi-story buildings next to them to make a row of attached building like in a city.  You don't have to go above the first floor if you don't want to.  Look under housing for multi-story houses that fit next to the corner buildings.  For a first floor connecting shop, look under that tab.

the first lvl corner shops are in the "NMT Corner Buildings Toolbar" i think

Thanks very much for the replies! Just to clarify, the corner shops themselves are meant to be single-story buildings? (i.e., there isn't a  2nd/3rd story residence that fits above them, or an upgrade option so that they fit the corner residences that go over the upgraded blacksmith, tailor, etc.?)

P.S. Thank you SO much to you, RedKetchup, for all the work that went into designing this mod. I absolutely love the whole medieval town set!

those in that toolbar are meant to have a 2nd floor and a 3rd floor ontop of those but it is not an obligation, up to you


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