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North keeps crashing.....

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Ok, I am working with North 7. I have tried to eliminate a lot of things that might be causing it to crash mid-game. Here is a list of what I have left, what could it possibly be? Any thoughts? North is at the top, with only Ridiculous Storage and Mute Livestock above it, other wise I would not get those.

North keeps crashing.....

Don't remove mods from save game.  Save game will add those mods that were enabled when game was save.  You should have loaded a previous good save, then played to crash point keeping track of what you do or build before crash.  Load previous good save and don't to the same thing again.

I did not play the same game after the crash. I started new ones each time. And when I put in a new mod, I reload the game. It still crashes.  I took out North to test, used the same mods you see here, and was able to play a new game that did not crash. I then re loaded North 7, started a new game, and got a crash. I then went to Tom's site, re-downloaded directly the North 7, and still a crash. I listed the mods I have currently, so maybe someone can tell me if there is one among them that could be causing the crash?

EDIT: I changed out North 7 for North 6.2, and no crashes, using the same mods and listing. Guess it's 7, but still not sure what the problem is.

the North is touchy bout  adding other mods. TOM uses the limit flags differently than other modders. i have not tried the 7 yet. i don't want to assume so do u have the latest version 1.07 of banished? that would cause issues. did you attempt the North with no mods added? could be a bad download. that does happen from time to time. if all that works, then it is trial and error. i'd try the North by itself and add mods to it slowly. add all mods that need to be above it including the aging mod, it won't work if it is not high in the order.if that works, then add a few mods at a time. start with mods that do not use the new flag limits. i see 2 that catch my eye- the money bag mod and the shorter toolbar. oh and the renewable resource mod as TOM uses  different iron ore terms than CC.

Ok, I'll try that. The money bag mod was specifically created for North, by my own request, because 1. The North buildings are HUGE, and I prefer smaller.  2. Many of the non-North storages do not recognize the gold and silver items. So I know that's not it. However, it was created when 6 was the latest, so maybe there is an issue with 7. I'll try your idea of solo, then slowly adding.


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