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Started new town with MegaMod9

Started by theonlywanderer, January 07, 2022, 04:56:47 PM

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Started new town with MegaMod9, it's coming along.    Shipyard and Logging Industry with some traders and a Tavern.

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I always like looking at your layout @theonlywanderer . Very well done, great detail.


Thanks, it's like solving a puzzle getting all the right pieces to mesh and look good.   Took me a really long time to get that draw bridge in place, flattening and raising land over and over until it finally let me put it in the way I wanted than I was finally able to build out everything else on that logging pier.


Latest images from Wandering Pines....

2022-01-09-21-26-34-Banished" border="0 2022-01-09-21-27-08-Banished" border="0 2022-01-09-21-27-51-Banished" border="0 2022-01-09-21-28-14-Banished" border="0 2022-01-09-21-28-39-Banished" border="0 2022-01-09-21-29-10-Banished" border="0 2022-01-09-21-30-28-Banished" border="0 2022-01-09-21-31-57-Banished" border="0 2022-01-09-21-32-30-Banished" border="0 2022-01-09-21-33-12-Banished" border="0


Very nice, I like your use of piers there.


Thanks.   For some reason I always like starting out with the water areas because it's the most limiting factor on how things can be placed and I try to let that dictate everything else.

I may thin out that big dock area a bit, just not satisfied with how it looks yet.   Just a big mass of wood, it doesn't really look right or alive yet.    My intention was to make kind of an isolationist type setup for that area because of the hills and being somewhat of a peninsula and it kind of ballooned out of control.


Quote from: theonlywanderer on January 19, 2022, 02:42:10 AM
....Just a big mass of wood, it doesn't really look right or alive yet.    My intention was to make kind of an isolationist type setup for that area because of the hills and being somewhat of a peninsula and it kind of ballooned out of control.

I think that's what happens in real life as well, and am impressed with how the docks, piers, etc are looking as I know how fiddly it is to get all the pieces to match up


Reworked the isolationist dock village, looks much better and more lively.     Also finished up the other shoreline to the other lighthouse.

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Finished the final shoreline of the lake area using mostly DS Jetty set.

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I most of the time dont reply to topics in this forum but I want to let u know that I check every 2 or 3 days for new content and I always enjoy new pictures and descriptions.

So keep on! Your content is aprecciated!


Ditto, and I think this is looking great.


Thank you!

I've been a little busy lately, but I did have a little bit of time to mess with it and reworked part of the ship building pier to include a draw bridge over to the north shore.  Also changed the tavern area around a bit.  Finally found some tables at the right pier level.   I also did a lot of lighting placements and some more deco throughout.   Some of it is hard to see in pics.

I plan to use the Zoom hack at some point to really be able to zoom around and get some better and more interesting pics.

I will make this file available to anyone who wants to open it on their own computer and explore it.   Just need MM9 installed obviously.

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Started on a mining and refining area with coal, stone, iron and bricks.

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Amazing how time consuming it can be to find the right pieces and get everything in just the right place.    Finished up the mining area and started some housing.

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