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A french medieval city

Started by hopledor, August 28, 2020, 04:07:48 PM

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I tried to find a map to build a city looking like Paris. Not easy at all.
This one was not perfect but at least there was the possibility of Notre-dame on an island.
The main idea was to make these bridges with houses where people could cross both rivers without even seeing any water.

A royal castle on the left, sort of. Something looking like 'la bastille' on the north, too close from Notre-dame but this is a very compact version of the city.

I was amazed that we can build DS Bridge houses on CC wall bridges:

The 'Bastille' drawbridge, cut in 2 parts (in a strange way maybe) because the drawbrige of the RK castle is so long :)


nicely done. always good to see some of the odd mods used.


Looks wonderful. Love the small, tight streets.
Great find on combining the bridge houses with the wall pieces, I'll try that too!:)
That Notre-Dame model still is stunning, and perfect for the setting.


Nice work flow with the river You've done Paris justice!  ;D
Question about The 'Bastille' drawbridge. The brown strip crossings on the other side of Bastille drawbridge, is that a road texture?


not a road texture because the drawbridge is higher than the road level:

there're not many ghost items at this level

so that's a combination of garden beds dirt and quay wall trims:

using DS dock ghost pieces would have been simplier i guess.
not sure why i didn't think of them when i did this.