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Creating a 3d model house in blender and making it available in game

Started by Discrepancy, June 26, 2016, 09:24:38 AM

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I believe 3DS Max will take a straight transfer from AutoCAD, same company.



I haven't used autocad for this before, but what is the part you are getting stuck on after opening the file in blender?

I mostly build in sketchup, then import into blender, so there may be some similarities.


If I create the model on layers such as foundation, walls, door, roof, the STL format brings in the entire model as one solid model with all the layers combined together.   I really just don't know blender at all so I don't know if what I'm able to import works or not.   I try to use the tutorial with my STL import and I cannot select the separate faces, nothing seems to function like the tutorial suggests.


Well... @theonlywanderer
One of the things I do first in Blender is combining all parts to one model anyway.
Then, when texturing, I pick out the pieces I want.

Let me look at the stl-file. You have to PM me. You can't attach files here.