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Market BBQ V3

Started by kid1293, August 13, 2016, 01:55:25 AM

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next week they'll ask for a MR. peanut house and peanut butter.


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Ha,ha,ha,ha - Mad Hatter in Bannies land. Really funny! ;D  ;D

P.S No hard feelings, but that was my first thought when I saw the picture.


 :D No offence taken.
I feel like a mad hatter, coming with this mod.

I hope I haven't hurt any pizza lovers out there :)


Mate - you made my day! I have to admit I did not smile so much for quite a long.
    Regards   zak 4862  ;)  :)


Haha I thought kid was just screwing around then saw the zip.  Gonna have to give it a look.

For the record, I love market food.  Not so much for the extra foods as being able to process food for some extra. Uses a lot of gatherables and that helps keep that stuff from piling up in barns on ends of the map before it would otherwise be needed.  Mushroom Soup is gold.  Combining food groups is great, too, and it adds some extra life to town centers.  A signature kid mod, imo.

What's funny is I've gotten myself in trouble with it before.  Build enough of these and turn them on full sail too early and you can blaze through some serious firewood. Lol
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Omg Kid! Thank you so much haha! Im putting the mod in the game right now :D Don't want to be perceived ungratefull, i am veeeery happy with pizza's :D! but are you thinking about spaghetti too <3?

Ps: sorry i didn't reply earlier, wasn't playing was busy xD

Edit: after i got the amazing pizza hat my tomato doesnt have a picture of it anymore in my game, in the town hall and trading post. It does appear in the food market. :P maybe because i put the mod in an existing game.

The bannies are really happy with the pizza's!


Glad you liked my pizza @Kyana ! :)

Sure, I found a misspelling in the icon file. Sorry for that.
Here is a fixed version.


Oh thanks! :D i will install that when i start a new game i think thats best. Yay pizza! Now im hungry all the time I play banished  ;)


The Garden Workplace grabs vegetable soup and BBQ meal in its inventory and uses it to make vegetables (peppers and beans etc) :o!


I am sure the soup is only stored there since it is flagged 'vegetable'.
There is no way it could create new vegetables. Completely different name for input.


I followed up on the garden workplaces and had it in 2 out of 10 garden workplaces many times, but never in the other 8. Is bbq meal vegetable too then? It also got that in there. I removed the 2 and now it's not happening anymore


It can be one of the bannies carrying something edible and gets a call for another job.
Then he goes to closest storage place that accepts 'vegetables' or 'edible' and put it there.


Yeah okay, probably something like that