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Artfactial- Connecticut Coastal Colony- Haynestown and it's genealogy

Started by Artfactial, January 15, 2019, 12:36:33 PM

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Hey all,
I've been planning a new town project and I'd thought I'd share this one; it's a bit complicated and time consuming but it might spark some inspiration to some. I'm trying to record a historically accurate New England, Connecticut coastal settlement with all that such a place would entail throughout the years.
The rules I will try keep myself to:

-Among the many mods to use is the One year is One Year mod.
   It is both slows down the game's pace considerably and increases the difficulty of job management. It is simultaneously a boon and obstacle to the project.
-Keep a genealogical database for all settlers, allowing for more personal and  dramatic storytelling.
   I have done this before in a town reaching a population of 250 over 90 years. I use the GRAMPS open source software to accommodate this process.
-Keep track of relevant historical events that might impact the colony as well as enact the progressively harsher taxation and laws imposed by England.
   The Trade Tax Implementations can be found in the attached table.
-I will try to keep it fun for myself. The previous iterations have been some of my most fun gaming experiences in years, but it can be very taxing.

Alright, with that out of the way; here is the outset:
RK's Medium 3 start in Pine Lakes, Harsh Climate, XL map.
Geographical locations is about where current day Stradford, Devon and Bridgeport are, on the East bank of the the Housatonic River, across Long Island.

Any tips on how to make these blogs more readable and manageable are welcome. As well as any historical discussion, of course.:)

Haynestown Historical Records:
Foundation Charter of 1639 and Council Reports of 1639-1642:
Council Reports from 1643-1645:
Council Reports from 1646-1649:
First Court of Law report 1650:
Council Reports from 1650-1655:
Council Reports from 1656-1659:
Council Reports from 1660-1664:
Council Reports, Second Court of Law report and documents of 1665 and 1666:
Council Reports from 1667-1670:
Council Reports from 1671-1675:
Council Reports from 1676-1679:
Council Reports from 1679-1683:
Council Reports, Third Court of Law report and documents from 1683-1685
Council Reports from 1686-1689:
Council Reports, Fourth Court of Law report and documents from 1690-1692
Council Reports from 1693-1694:
Council Report of 1695:
Council Report of 1696:
Council Reports of 1696-1697:
Council Report of 1698:
Council Report of 1699:

Genealogy reports:
State of the Colony-Family trees up to 1665:
State of the Colony- Family trees up to 1677:
State of the Colony-Family trees up to 1685:
State of the Colony- Family trees and History up to 1700:


Fundaments of Co-foundation of 1639
It is herewith that the settlement and dwelling of the Colony henceforth known as Haynestown upon the River Pootatuck be decreed to provide habitat and dwelling for those under the rule of Almighty God and His Majesty Charles I, King of  England, Ireland and Scotland. It was given the right to assemble and appoint a ruling Council and Govenor from among its inhabitants through which the Royal law and goodness may prevail.
Furthermore it was concluded, agreed upon and sentenced that henceforth none but those who have been found in agreement with the Council of Haynestown to be included to be burgesses of its domain.
It was with this decree that the founding Laws, Rules, Orders and Decrees be sentenced as followeth:
I.   The Council of Haynestown shall convene at least once per year and at such times as need arises for justice, law and decisions in which time the members of the ruling Council are empowered to elect the earliest date of assembly. The council will be comprised of as many a freeman as deemed necessary as to represent the towns in the Colony's domain and be led by the appointed Govenor.
II.   Records shall be kept by the appointed Govenor as to legitimize, order and judge the proceedings of the Colony. Reports shall be made of each Council meeting and of each person to be born, indentured, freed or admitted into the domain.
III.   It will be decreed that no more than five years will pass between the choosing of a Govenor. The proceedings of choosing a Govenor will be handled by the current ruling Council upon hearing the voices of the burgesses in assembly.
IV.   It was ordered that any member of the ruling Council up to 4 in number to be sent to the General Court of the Commonwealth of Windsor, Hartford and Wethersfield and there represent the justice for the Colony of Haynestown.

April ye 13 AD 1639, voted, singed and said by the followeth:
Humbert Hayes, Zacharaia Mersey, Myrone Grimberghen, Zachery Glowbrenn.


Notes on the Council meeting of December ye 5 AD 1639-
We arrived a sorry lot in these region in March of this year. Aside from the 3 English families we brought from the West Farm colony landing, we picked up a Dutch family that had made their way from the Southhold colony. Thus we arived at the appointed region of the Colony with 4 Famillies, 2 Freeman and one indentured servant.

The livestock we managed to bring along from The Lentil numbered 9 in total of which the charge, care and produce was divided among three families, thusly:
-Haynes family-  three sheep
-Mersey family- three sheep
-Grimbergher family- three sheep.
Gov. H. H.


Notes on Council meeting of Oktober ye 15 AD 1640-
Young Mister Mathen Mersey has had several quarrels with his father, Council member Zechari Mersey, and has henceforth be evicted from the family house.
The council has deemed it acceptable for Mister Mathen is allowed to build his own accommodation with the help of any who see fit to do so.
Furthermore, in an effort to spur the construction of the colony a lumberyard has been decided upon. This aide in
The first harvest of Rye has been accounted to 639
Gov. H. H.


Notes on Council meeting of September ye 11 AD 1641-
We've had the joy of three births during the course of this year.
The second harvest of Rye has been accounted to 546, due to the harsh winter.
The Glowbrenn family has started growing the Indian Squash in their yard to the account of 90.
These regions are a true paradise and all grows well. The grand pine forests surrounding us will be a goodly recourse for trading goods in the future. The hills are rich with iron ore and we have determined to set up a small smelting smithy to make use of such materials.
Gov. H. H.


Notes on Council meeting of September ye 25 AD 1642-
During the past months the colony has organized itself to accommodate a period of growth and a general labor towards the production of trade goods.
As such the council hereby notes down the plans for:
-The expansion of the sheep flock, starting with the Haynes' stock currently held in a new, larger pen.
-The Chaarason family has been moved and granted proper land near the fields. This also to accommodate the growth of the former neighbors' estates.
-A mooring and trading dock will be constructed besides the fishing shack of Kurtiss Mersey to which all so able shall contribute.
-The following goods have been noted as future sources of trade goods: wool, leather, lumber, rye, iron.
90 of Indian Squash
523 of rye
Gov. H. H. and the Council of Haynestown being Zacharaia Mersey, Myrone Grimberghen, Zachery Glowbrenn.


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interesting. wecome to the city blogs. when i first saw the post i jumped thinking it was the long awaited colonial new mod.

     how experienced are you as a player? you didnt give a list of the mods. i can see an old 1.06 DS mod. the markets in that mod can get stuck in oops with some of the new flagged items.wont crash the game but you will want to watch your vendor if you build the markets.did you look into the CC rain mod or the blacksmith tool mod? before you build far,there are some mods you can add. KID's colonial mod,the mini mod,NECORAs sherbrooke mods.

    i noticed you ran out of tools. the blacksmith tool mod would give you more tool options such as rough or stone tools to start with.the mini would give you a tool shop that could make those tools plus clothing at 1 shop with switching the worker.

     your taxation idea can be solved by trading a % of the goods each year. say 5% of the food produced or could designate a trade post just to that and trade out with no trade in. you could also get complex and wharehouse a % several times during the year and then send those to a TP and trade away to the king. a dock TP with some of the CC ships would accomadate that quite well.


I'm pretty experienced, have been playing since 2014 and have a pretty big list of mods.
RKCE 2.22
CC 1.76
DS Globe Theatre
DS Neurbert Smith Shop
DS Thompson Trade Merchant
Nomad zero Pop
Port Royal
DS Ale House
DS Crest blacksmith
Garden walls for 1.0.7
Kid- Gothic Deco V1.1
Kid- Medieval Grace V1.3
Kid- Rowhouses bussiness V2.3
Kid- Rowhouses Housing V2.3
Better UI: Maps
DS Bridge Crossing
Better Stockpile Storage
Better Stockpiles
DS Bryce's Buthers
DS Chapel of St.Ernest
DS Fences and Decoration
DS Jetty & Bridges
DS Harbourough Market and Old Gramar School
DS Roads
DS Roasted Nuts
DS Small Village
DS Small Village- Homes
DS Small Village- Production
DS Small Village- Services
DS Small Village- Storage
DS Stone Bridge
DS Stone Hovvel
DS Town Houses
DS Tunnels
DS Wagon Vendor
Fruits & Veg Barn
I see Fire
Pick & Hen Tavern
Seasons FX
Stynth Tower
One Year is One Year

There's a lot, and there indeed is some old stuff in there. I meant to scrap some more out of it before I started this but am afraid of causing damage to the save if I do so now.

I always run out of tools pretty quickly; setting up an Iron smelter is low on my priority list.:P RK's and CC's blacksmiths allow for different kind of tools yes, so I should be fine for a while.
Neither is really fitting with the New England colonial style but I'll find a way around it.:)
I am not going for maximum efficiency in this one, more of a realistic approach to ownership, work divide, hierarchy (where possible). I'd normally build far bigger fields and would have started with a forester. But a small community would not have need for such things at the start, getting by with what the land land had to offer.
The red line is small scale at the moment; new colonist would not erect entire new buildings just to make clothing, bread etc.

Yeah, that is how I was thinking of doing it in the taxation basics, but I have yet to find solid percentages of taxation in the 17th-century English acts. A gradual increase of percentage per act would be feasible. Things like the Iron Act are easy to implement; the Navigation acts could be implemented by a dice roll to determine if the incoming trade ship is English or not.
During wars I'll build a small military encampment on the edge of the map with a parading ground. Any send there will have to make due or suffer as a casualty in war.

I'll post some genealogical data once that becomes a bit more relevant!


Ooooo genealogical stuff! I tried once, and failed miserably, but I was just writing it on a piece of paper :P

It looks like a really cool project!


There's never enough deco stuff!!!
Fiat panis.


Thanks both!^^

Yeah, it's a challenge for sure, but if you take things easy and deliberately it becomes part of the flow of the game and adds so much more.:)
My sister also had a village family tree noted down on paper. She used an Adam and Eve the 8th/9th generation the A3 was full. Quite an interesting run.
I can wholeheartedly recommend GRAMPS, the only time it botched for me was on my account. Being open source it has a whole collection of free extensions to fit to your personal needs.

Will update to year 7 soon.
Speaking of; I got tired of having to double check what date I events happened on so I threw together this Banished date converter, maybe others have use for it too.
The orange field in the top-right is for you chosen starting date, which will fill in the table for the coming 325 years. It also has a converter for quick checks by adding Game Year and Game Month (drop down) to transform into real a world date.


I love the idea of keeping a genealogical database.. And your 'diary entry' reports tallying the harvest and births really made me smile. Great idea!


Notes on the Council Meeting of Oktober 18 ye AD 1643
General construction of the new mooring dock and forge is progressing. A well has been dug at the center of town to accommodate the gathering of drinkable water.
Word has reached the town through a messenger from the Hartford settlement that our benefactor and anointed liege King Charles I has been unjustly overthrown and that a war has erupted in our old country, may God have mercy on them.
It was also brought to our attention that the Dutch have settled in two new towns known as Breukellen and Nieuw Utrecht upon the Hudson River and we should expect representatives and trade from them in the near future.
As for matter of local import, it is with mourning that the Council reports the first death in our colony. Flossom, wife to Salvah Chaarason, died during childe birth earlier last month, leaving behind two children. She will be dearly missed and the community will aide their family in the times to come. This council has henceforth decreed to the collection of goodly herbs to strengthen the humors and to prevent such unfortunes from happening again.

-150 of Squash
-570 of Rye

Gov. H.H.


Notes on the Council meeting of April 14 ye AD 1644
The decree of last year has been put into action by by Salvah Chaarason whom has buildeth a herb garden on his estate, Edgardner Glowbrenn has fittingly been appointed to tend to this. Furthermore Princes Haynes has been betrothed to Mister Chaarason and as such, the ruling Council welcomes Salvah Chaarason as one of its members.
Loyceline Mersey has taken up the task of managing the newly build mooring dock for inventory and to arrange trade with any who pass our shores. With the Indian Wars  some years behind us it has been proposed by some of the commune to reestablish trade with the Golden Hill Paugussett Indians, a verdict has yet to be decided upon.

Inventory decreed for the purpose of trade:
-Fur, Lumber, Wool.

-130 of Squash
-570 of Rye

Gov. H.H.


Notes on the Council meeting of Oktober 2nd ye AD 1644
As of this date, in accordance to the 1639 Foundation, Zechary  Glowbrenn has been chosen to be the new Govenor of Haynestown.
A large percentage of leather from the Haynes hunting lodge as well as half the current Rye reserve has been contributed to the trade stockpile. As of yet, no trading ship has fared this way.
The Glowbrenn family has started construction of a new house on their estate to into which Emerly Glowbrenn and Kurtiss Mersey will settle after their betrothal. Edgardian Glowbren has elected to pass on the tending of the Herb Garden to Princes Chaarason and will henceforth be residing in a newly build log cabin at the foragers range.
Neva Haynes was born in April of this year.

-90 of Squash
-522 of Rye

Gov. Z. Glowbrenn and the Council of Haynestown, being Humbert Haynes, Zacharaia Mersey, Myrone Grimberghen, Salvah Chaarason


Council notes September 11th ye AD 1645
In May of this year, the first travelers through these hind parts of the New England Colonies arrived at our docks. Being it not for trade but for respite, although they were able to trade some of their provisions for some of our Rye.
Furthermore they brought news of the faring of the war ravaging the old isles we hold dear. Royalists are losing hope of a successful outcome. The ruling Council has hereby ordered any Royalist refugees to be welcomed in Haynestown. To enact this the construction of a boarding home has been started.
Construction was started on a facility for the collection of sand and the first of our glassworks to accommodate our houses especially during the winters. The Grimberghen family has opted to extend their home in a fashion akin to that of the Zeeland towns.
Loycelyne Haynes was betrothed to Edgardian Glowbrenn and joins him in their cabin by the foraging fields.
Aryant Glowbrenn and Florina Mersey were born in August of this year.

A bad harvest on the account of a long winter was hauled in:
-54 of Squash
-75 of Rye

Gov. Z. Glowbrenn


And Thanks 1 and BlueFireChelle, glad you like it!:)
The map took some searching and I came across some wonderful ones, but indeed this one is best suited for a coastal sea-inlet. As the map name implies, I had originally intended it to be a easterly Long Island colony but that would have tied it too much to New York's history and I wanted it to be a bit less set in stone.
I might share some more of the good ones that came out of the search.


the seasonFX mod doesn't apear to be may want to make a note of it any try moving it higher in the mod order next time. i keep a TXT notepad file to keep notes and make adjustments in between maps.


Thank you, @Artfactial. I love this sort of detailed blog. Like you, I found Gramps to be a great help in keeping track of a Banished community. I've never used the One Year Equals One Year mod, but instead used a spreadsheet written some years ago by @torgonius (I think) to convert game years and seasons into calendar years so that a person's lifespan makes sense. I did a revision of the sheet setting the start year at 1780 for my own purposes. Because a game year is not a whole number of "life years," you have to fudge the formulas in the spread sheet--sort of like leap years.  The results are in the "Fan Fiction" section under the title of "The Allberger Diaries." The problem is always that by the time you get toward the middle of the 19th century on the calendar the technology of the citizens is horribly out of date--though @RedKetchup's Choo Choo mod could help.


Thanks @rkelly17 ! Really looking forward to reading your story and seeing how things went for you. Creating a narrative experience like this is quite a special thing.
I've made a similar spreadsheet/converter for this project as well to make life a bit easier (8th post on this thread:)).
The One Year is One Year mod really is quite recommendable; giving your citizens actual decades of game years to live instead of the fleeting skips in ages makes their life cycle a lot more natural. It also gives you some breathing room as the game shifts a gear back in order to have new generations grow up.
I hope I will get into the 19th century! Indeed RK has some nice early industrial production buildings and CC has some lovely Victorian and Industrial housing so I should be able to make due.

@brads3 Oh, I thought the seasonal changes were quite distinct already, but it very well might be overwritten as it is quite low in my load order. Good tip! I'll keep track of a list of changes to be made.:)


i use the seasonFX to get the plowed fields. that is how i noticed yours isn't working. if you build any modded townhalls,make a save before you place them. a few crash if you click on them before they are looks like you upgraded the DS small village and coud have taken the older 1 out.