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Always greener on the other side

Started by Voeille, June 06, 2022, 07:20:11 PM

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Okay @Voeille ,

Since you showed me about finally being able to make category separators; and you showed me yours - here's mine. These are all the mods I have entered into my spreadsheet so far which I will eventually publish for everyone to use if they wish to do so.

Since I loaded each of these mods one at a time only by themselves, I was able to properly break down their contents and these are the categories that came out of it all. The many categories are listed below:

Map Alterations:
  Adds Animals (only)
  Terrain Textures
  Terrain & Climate
  Terrain, Climate, & Map Sizes
  Terrain, Climate, & Starting Conditions
  Terrain & Starting Conditions
Starting Conditions (only)
Bannie Overrides:
Misc. Fixes
Mods for Housing, Production, Services, Storage:
  Themed Mod: Starting Conditions
  Themed Mod: Climate & Starting Conditions
  Themed Mod: Terrain, Climate & Starting Conditions
  Themed Mod: Terrain & Starting Conditions

  Housing, Production
  Housing, Production, Services
  Housing, Production, Services, Storage
  Housing, Production, Storage
  Housing, Services
  Housing, Services, Storage
  Housing, Storage
  Production, Services, Storage
  Production, Storage
  Docks & Jetties

As far as ModMan goes, these mods are actually listed in what I feel are their rightful place (mod order). So no matter which mods I select for use, I do not have to concern myself with changing their order. For me, so far, everything works without issue in this order. So I just select which ones I want to use and I am good to go as listed.

Obviously, I am not going to select multiple mods that change terrains or start conditions etc... I just pick one from each of those "special" categories.
Sometimes it's the very people who no one imagines anything of
        who do the things no one can imagine.


Whoopsie, forgot the screenshot!  ;)

Click the image to enlarge it... of course :P

Oh and, FYI: The mods I have check marked that you see in the screenshot, this is my ModMan profile called "All Mods Base". What that means is, these are the mods that are used in every single game I play (my base mods I will always start with and then build upon by adding more); so I load this profile first, then add the additional mods I want to use for my next game and after selecting those I re-save according to the game name and date.
Sometimes it's the very people who no one imagines anything of
        who do the things no one can imagine.


I should also say that everything from the UI category to the Misc. Fixes category are the "behind the scenes" type of mods. The stuff after the Misc. Fixes category are what actually get built in game and have toolbar buttons to use and find them in. At the moment I only have Kid's mods listed in my spreadsheet, no one else's.
Sometimes it's the very people who no one imagines anything of
        who do the things no one can imagine.


can 1 of you load that newer version of mod manager to the downlad section? others might like to have it. is the site back to functioning normal again? or should we be concerned and try to move mod collections somewhere as a backup??


Sometimes it's the very people who no one imagines anything of
        who do the things no one can imagine.


Wow I had no idea ModMan could do this! You guys are amazing. :)


Does any of you know where ModMan originally comes from? It would be good to link to the original source, or if not available, to at least give the author credit for their hard work on it.

I like your mod order, it looks neat and well organised. It is a good idea to have a few mods that always stay and activate others depending on the game, but that's not something I can manage to do — I just want it all available at once! I normally wouldn't even switch RKEC on/off but keep it always on (yes, with CC and all the other mods still active), however I like vanilla stone houses (there's just a certain charm to them, especially with my darkening material) and RKEC replaces them. I'm not good at planning so I just want as much available at once so it's not a problem to build other things than what I initially thought about if I change my mind.
What do the mods in your patches section do exactly? I know FlaxPatch and NewPineFlora, and NorthInedibleGrain has a very informative name so I can guess, but I'm unsure about the others, perhaps some of them could be useful in my load order as well.


Check the pinned link under General Discussion. JM made the ModMan.


Yes, @JM  made that awesome ModMan program and he still lurks here too. In fact he's read this thread a couple of times the last couple of nights (I caught him via "Who's Online") rofl  :P  I was hoping he'd reply even but he hasn't.

A long while back I thought he said he might do an update and I thought I gave him a few ideas, but nothing came of it. I just hope one day he adds new features. I would like to see separators added via the program, so we don't have to use dummy files. I would also like to be able to highlight mods via text colors like green, red, orange, and blue, maybe yellow as well with a "bold" text ability too. I would also like to see a count of mods activated next to total amount of mods in the WinData folder like 68/455.

Perhaps, depending on difficulty wherever we put in a separator we can also toggle it so that everything under that section (category) can be collapsed/expanded as needed so when we have 400-500+ mods listed we can toggle/collapse sections we don't need to see and it will shorten the amount of mods displayed in the window so that we don't have to scroll horizontally if you get what I mean.
Sometimes it's the very people who no one imagines anything of
        who do the things no one can imagine.


About the Patches category I have:

FeatherPatch - By Tom Sawyer
   To reduce the feather output and to make them salable in the North.

MarketPatch - By Tom Sawyer
   NOT included in North v6.2. NEEDED to fix Salt & Trade Post issue.

NorthInedibleGrain - By Tom Sawyer,
   Here is the patch for those who like to play in the North with inedible grain for optimizing food production. It turns wheat, rye and flour inedible and can be added to a running game. A side effect is that markets tend to hoard these resources since people don't pick it up for food anymore. The granary still works with them. Again this is if you prefer inedible grain for optimized milling and baking in the North.

PatchDSTownhouses002 - By Discrepancy
   Patch to fix issue with Lime and the Raw Materials flagged limit not being delivered to trading post.

PurchasePatch - By Tom Sawyer
   To fix the trading bug of disappearing resources in vanilla games.

RKECTownHall - By RedKetchup
   Fixes the RKEC Town Hall so that it doesn't crash when building it; it also fixes the crash for the Trade Post as well.

RKGardenWallsUtilityPatch - By Kid
   I never did write down the description for this so I forgot what it does; you'd have to go look it up or ask Red. He may remember what it was for, or someone else might.
Sometimes it's the very people who no one imagines anything of
        who do the things no one can imagine.



"Updates fertilizers to flag Custom4. Changes made to greenhouses and stables"

I am the culprit :) I wrote that it is RK's mod. It will be used only with his mod.


So @Voeille , since we are in your thread about your Lush&GreenHD mod I have a request for you and it would mean a great deal to me if you would consider it.

@TomSawyer has a perfect grid mod called NorthGrid. I'll take a screenshot of it in a second before I finish this post. Anyhow, his grid is awesome and I use it in as many games as I can. But there is one side-effect and that is that he tied it to his Nordic Terrain. So, it cannot be used with any other mod that alters the terrain, like your Lush&GreenHD for example.

As I said, I absolutely love @kid1293 's TreeReplacer mod; well... now I also absolutely love your Lush&GreenHD too and I want to use your mod as often as possible but I also really like Tom's grid mod and well... my request is can you please make a second version that has a grid added to it like Tom's?  And of course, the version you have for RKEC would also need a grid too if you didn't mind.

I appreciate any consideration you would give towards this. I thank you in advance as well for your time and effort.

This screenshot is with two mods loaded: Tom's NorthGrid and Kid's TreeReplacer.
Sometimes it's the very people who no one imagines anything of
        who do the things no one can imagine.


Thank you @kid1293 and sorry I was incorrect about who the author of it was.

Glad to see you, hope you are doing well.  :)
Sometimes it's the very people who no one imagines anything of
        who do the things no one can imagine.


Do you mean the topic near the top of general discussion with the big bold letters saying mod manager? I was actually reading some threads in general discussion recently and of course I didn't notice the most obvious one. Classic. Anyway, thanks for letting me know!

I could add a grid if that's useful, that shouldn't take too long. It would only be one version of the mod (compatible with RKEC), as only the grass, dirt and snow textures would need a grid (unless you'd like it on others too? mountains, orchards, crops, cemeteries/pastures), so I'd only include those. With that, you would still have the regular version enabled, and load the grid on top. It's worth noting that putting grid on snow will also place it on buildings in winter as they share the texture with ground (I haven't changed this, I just repalced the texture). Any particular colour? I'd probably go with black/dark grey, because dark theme is the best theme you can keep the same colour for both grass and snow.

I agree with your suggestions for features, those could come in handy. MO2 has some of those and they do help when there are a lot of mods. A notes feature could be useful too, so when there's something specific about the mod you can write it down not to forget later (which I don't use often enough and then do forget). Some examples: 1, 2, 3, 4.

By the way, you have the windows start menu in the centre! When I installed windows 11 on my work laptop, that was one of the first things I changed, after ages of having it on the left it just didn't feel right to me (I also do that when installing windows 11 on other work machines so people aren't confused).


As far as how the grid works /shrug; however @Tom Sawyer and @RedKetchup  did theirs is fine by me. It's early here and I just woke up, so I haven't put on my brain yet lol, I'll get back to you on that after work. I'll take some screenshots using Debug to clear the ground and see where it is that they have the grid appear. I don't think they have it on mountains since you cannot build on it. I also thought it showed in the snow too, but I don't recall. Anyways, I'll check later when I get home from work.

I was fine with that light yellow that Tom used. Again, I don't recall if Red's was darker yellow or not, but I liked Tom's for sure. Discrepancy used black/dark grey for his negative radius color. It was okay but (again) I don't recall how easy it was to see on the ground through forests or with snow. /shrug

This is the second time now in this thread that you mentioned a "dark theme"; I also saw in your ModMan screenshot that you had a dark version of your Lush&GreenHD.  Can you share?! LOL Tell me about it too?

There is already a notes feature included. Just double-click any of the .pkms  :)  And voila, Voeille!  :P 

EDIT: About the notes feature: The notes are persistent which is good. What I mean by this is if you add a mod to your WinData folder and write a note for a mod the note is saved. If one day you remove the mod you of course no longer see it in ModMan, but if you re-add that mod at a later date the note is still there and will reappear as long as the .pkm filename is the same.

I enjoy Windows 11 and yes, I left that all in the center. Reason being is I mostly have all windows, browser, etc. centered so therefore my mouse cursor is too so...dropping the mouse straight down the center and the stuff is right there! Besides... out with the old, and in with the new! I like that it's different; it's the first time it's been moved by Microsoft and I grew tired of it always being on the left side.

EDIT AGAIN: Two things: I don't know if Tom or Red purposely made their grid not appear on mountains or water etc. I think the reason the grid doesn't appear in those areas is because they have it set at 0 ground level or something?

You said, "With that, you would still have the regular version enabled, and load the grid on top." -- So are you implying you were going to make a separate grid mod instead of including it within the actual Lush&GreenHD? I ask because, I play just as many games without RKEC (more actually) so if I only had one choice as to which version you put the grid in, then I'd prefer it to be the regular version without the RKEC fix.
Sometimes it's the very people who no one imagines anything of
        who do the things no one can imagine.