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Village Blogs / Re: Abandoned - Railway - part 4 - Forevermore - Story 63
« Last post by Abandoned on November 29, 2020, 09:29:01 AM »
Letter 7  Late Autumn, Year 6

Dear Weary Traveler,

  I write to say I am confident now that we will meet the quota for stocking stuffers, no children will wake to find their stockings empty on Saint Nicholas' Day.  By spring of this year we had a candy store built and 2 bakeries, a Christmas Baker for gingerbread cookies and a Tiny baker for bread.  Down the street from Santa's Mail room we built a Bake Shop.  It is nice to have fresh bread and cookies nearby.  I really like cookies.  We now have candle-lit colored street lights on our main street, from the Bake Shop to the Candle Shop.

  There was another outbreak of the unknown disease early in the year but all 3 patients recovered by summer.  We feared another outbreak in autumn when the weather turned cold and rainy.  There was no 2nd outbreak but it did snow early delaying the work train from leaving this year.  The turnaround was completed just before the first heavy snowfall.   The workers were disappointed at the delay, they were eager to get home to their families, but the crew chief said it would give them time to build a station and a coal bin and tiny mine for us.  We probably would not need to mine for coal for the train, it was not that far to and from Pumpkin Junction but should we need it, the mine shaft would be dug.  He thought we may have more trains coming here in the future when friends and families could come to visit.

  Must go, I'll write again soon.
Village Blogs / Re: BRAD'S SETTLING OF AMERICA SERIES 4: Foxfield
« Last post by brads3 on November 29, 2020, 06:09:48 AM »

   we adjust the trading post stocks. then build a larger trade is needed to handle the heavy marble.
a hardwood forest to supply the furniture shop will plant behind the mining mountain.a hunter and gathering hut will work this area.the bannies live in CC cabins and have some storage from the pine mod.

   the bannies have started a major cleanup of the flowers from the farmyard area.

pic 1:new trade post
pic 2:hardwood forest
pic 3:more painted houses
Village Images / Re: Images from Castle Rock maps
« Last post by Gatherer on November 29, 2020, 05:11:20 AM »
Year 16

We're slowly abandoning the original settlement. I've moved longhorn cows to the pasture just last year.  They were on their own since the start of the game and none have died off. Did @RedKetchup change any of the values for livestock in RKEC?

I'm still limited with the number of builders so progress is somewhat slower than intended.

Only now while I'm moving population to the islands do I fully grasp the scope of the project ahead.
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Kid's Mods
« Last post by grizz on November 28, 2020, 08:50:01 PM »
 :)Thanks again Abandoned you are a great help.
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Kid's Mods
« Last post by Abandoned on November 28, 2020, 08:44:16 PM »
@grizz There is a very nice selection of mods and no particular mod order requires. There are several that have special start conditions which are best to use without any other mods that have start conditions.  Also there are a few mods that are overrides, like trees, that should be high in the mod list, but Kid's mods are very compatible and trouble free.  Enjoy  :)
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Kid's Mods
« Last post by grizz on November 28, 2020, 08:43:34 PM »
 ;)A big thanks to kid1293 for his mods, i really look forward to using them.
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Kid's Mods
« Last post by grizz on November 28, 2020, 08:37:37 PM »
 :)Thanks very much Abandoned i just got the last one down and was going to edit my post but you beat me to it, Thanks very much for your rapid responce, now all i have to do is read up the order they go in.
Thanks again.
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Kid's Mods
« Last post by Abandoned on November 28, 2020, 08:32:22 PM »
@grizz Yes, you must download each mod individually. I can see what the mod looks like and read all the information about the mod and then decide if it is a mod you want to download and use.  They are worth the effort.  :)
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Kid's Mods
« Last post by grizz on November 28, 2020, 07:06:19 PM »
 :-[How can i download the whole list of Kid's mods, please don't tell me i have to do individual downloads??
Village Blogs / Re: Abandoned - Railway - part 4 - Forevermore - Story 63
« Last post by Abandoned on November 28, 2020, 10:22:35 AM »
Letter 6  Early Winter, Year 5

Hello again, Weary Traveler,

  We are all well here, hope you are the same.  I have a lot to tell you.  We are making progress on the stocking stuffer requirements. We've had our first harvests of all required fruits and nuts.  This year we built a spice house, a sugar house, and a Tiny beekeeper, ingredients needed for candy and gingerbread cookies. Sugar and spices are also needed for a special treat for the work crew.  The chief and I were talking about Christmases when we were children and he told me of a tradition soft drink  in the north especially liked by children.  It is called Julmust and is only made at Christmastime.  We built a Julmust store next to the Holiday Inn closest to the tracks.

  In early winter the child who had the unknown disease when she was 3 years old contracted it again but her mother, knowing the signs, got her quickly to the hospital and the girl soon recovered.

  The train is parked closer to town now.  The work crew stays in the passenger cars except when it gets very cold and windy, then they stay at the Holiday Inn, we insisted.  The turnaround is almost complete.  They will be leaving us soon, going back to their families there in Pumpkin Junction.  We have another surprise for them.  They'd been away from their wives and children for a long time and we thought it would be nice if they had some gifts to take home to them.  We built 2 shops, a candle shop and a gift shop.  We women spent our spare time making candles which could also be lit in our tiny chapel to remember our lost loved ones.  For the gift shop we made linen aprons and doilies and pot holders from flax, and woolen mittens and scarves.  We added some little packets of nuts and candy from Santa's Workshop, jars of homemade jam, plus small jugs of Julmust for the children.  We will have the work crew pick what they want for themselves and their families before they leave Forevermore.

  I must be getting a cold, weary traveler, I need a hanky.  I will write more another time.  Stay well.
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