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Mod Discussions 107 / Re: DS TownHouses v1.0
« Last post by QueryEverything on Today at 08:00:22 PM »
Oh also:

1)  Storage/Market:  Alehouse, tavern, night spot,
2)  Manufacture:  Alehouse, Brewery, Vintner, Meadmaker, & Kombucha brewer

Maybe I wasn't done after all ;)  haha
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Kid - Yard Cover V1.3
« Last post by Discrepancy on Today at 07:50:11 PM »
I've been partial to some Glengoyne lately. I still always enjoy a peaty islay whisky though...
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: DS TownHouses v1.0
« Last post by brads3 on Today at 07:41:33 PM »
oh,i am not saying 1 way is right over another. i see both points. the extra items aren't just in the TP or TH menu. they are also in markets and barns scattered.  1 thing i fin awkward is that you need to set the building  menu by each ingredient. say you want to make fruit  jell. is it blueberry,apple,etc. you have to manually change it.on a biig map you have several buildings running out of 1 ingredient and you may not realize it. like RED's butcher or dryer. it runs out of deer but you still have bison. it won't keep change b y itself. over time i have adjusted my play to deal with those issues.
  i like how EMB took the salt another direction. you need it to make saddles that actually fit with KID's wild west mod. the salt mine it uses doesn't fit me but the idea and certain pieces of that chain i did download. it was nice to have the option to pick and choose.i see that with a lot of mods though. each 1
seems to  have something you want. DS has many pieces i wish i had. the  overall building style doesn't fit me. that isn't him, that is me.  i do like the well he made along the brooks. i always liked his split markets. i agree it is good to have options.
   i solve the issue with the TP menus by using certain goods to each 1. that means the more developed a town the more TP's i need. i try to use like coats in 1,candles and furniture in another. in  large towns that works well.after a merchant comes by,the next usually stops at a different TP. so it is stocked and ready.  everyone plays different. if you had 1 TP,the list would be quite long. each time a merchant stops you then have to scroll thru it to decide what to trade.
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: DS TownHouses v1.0
« Last post by elemental on Today at 07:12:43 PM »
Well thanks, Brad, for giving your take on it.

I don't really get the cluttered menus thing. Stuff will only appear in your town hall list after you make it or buy it. Stuff will appear on trade boat inventories but you can tell them to never bring X or to only bring Y. You don't really need to look at their long list of goods very often. So I still don't really understand why some people are so afraid of new things.

Regardless, we could easily have an add-on mod for optional shops or whatever that add new foods etc. We could even keep it fairly restrained and only offer things that are already in CC. They have cheese and sausages and all sorts of stuff already. Anyone who wants to keep it simple can use the base mod with only vanilla stuff in it. And then no one gets hurt.  :)

Mod Discussions 107 / Re: DS TownHouses v1.0
« Last post by QueryEverything on Today at 06:56:13 PM »
@Discrepancy I am really looking forward to these, and I can see them lining @RedKetchup canal (and Embx Windmill would fit with these too) ...  so, in answer to your question re the lower level shop fronts:

1)  Store:  Tags to store, as a market, an array of goodies, so those that do have CC and more advanced mods, can have these items stocked there, if not at the least made and a suitable manufacturer.  So, those that do have Fancy Furnishings and Building supplies, can be stocked in the city centre, if they are loaded in the game
2)  Manufacture: Blacksmiths to make all your existing smithing items, but also all the tools including basic wood, through to hardened / steel (given you now have the coal mines up & running) (inline with CC & Kid's advanced tools)

Health & Wellbeing: 
1)  Store:  Apothecary (Pharmacist) Market, dispenses all health tags - so, herbs, teas & your ear candles
2)  Manufacture:  all your existing health items that your other mods already create
3)  Service:  Doctors Office, Day Spa, Health Centre:  The ability to treat the Bannies as a hospital would

Food & Nutrition
1)  Store:  Grocery shop front, Little Joe's Deli (what ever ;) ) and it stores all food tags, edibles, fruit, veg, protein, grains etc
2)  Manufacture:  Butcher, Bakery, Fish monger, Gourmet Table, Paddock to Plate etc - a couple of different shop fronts could do this, unless you went with a Paddock to Plate option, and you have a 'menu' and you set it to just what you want. 
Including:  existing meat butchery; chicken recipes (we are lacking in a butcher to dice chicken), bakers using existing recipes, adding things like:  tarts etc, Gourmet table (for @elemental Cheese ;) ) cheese making (we have milk ingame)
Also - adding recipes from your existing food manufacturing buildings, but the 'city version' (at the very least they would be stocked by the Green Grocer in storage anyway).
Oh - and because it suits the style of the building, a must have:  A Cafe!!  Stocks bakery (food tags), and ... water/tea (what tags do they have??)

Other services:  Tailor & Haberdashery, School (Advanced Studies to suit building style), Town Hall / Offices (a JP or Notary Office), Hotel or Hostel for an Inn,

And another ...  Train Station!! 
Acts as a multiple service building:  Decorative so as to fit for the train system you have out at the coal mining area, and a nomad attractor - so that the nomads 'arrive by train' :D

I think for buildings this advanced, design wise you could add things like cafes, haberdashery, day spa as well as a train station - the engineering is there, so why not add a more 'upmarket' feel with the naming of the buildings?

By allowing some of the advanced buildings to stock 1.0.7 flags, it means those of us who do use CC & others, can fill the buildings with items if we make them - without putting pressure on 1.0.6 players, or non CC players, who don't have them - nor want the recipes for the items.

I think it would be a win/win, the mod can contain all of your existing recipes from your other mods, or at the least share them, plus a couple of other advanced ideas (food & tools), but - keeps it Vanilla-ish, to stroke those that don't want to step out. 

Oh, just read back up the thread - Glassblower!  Oh, that would look absolutely sweet in there! 
I used Embx glass chain yesterday and was thrilled :) 

I think I'm done ... lol. 
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Maritimes Pine Set V104 BETA
« Last post by marmaladema on Today at 06:43:30 PM »
the vanilla chickens produce one kind, the maritimes coop and wild spawn produce the other for me.
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Kid - Yard Cover V1.3
« Last post by The Pilgrim on Today at 06:41:30 PM »
Kid prefers scotch. Oban in particular IIRC
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Kid - Yard Cover V1.3
« Last post by brads3 on Today at 06:17:42 PM »
That's all fine and dandy except for the fact all of these little afterthought additions to the main mods causes the dreaded "save game" problems...

Plus it leads to a kind of "creeping featuritis"... I feel it's much better to step back once in a while and let the modders do their job, specially on their WiPs.

All of us have many ideas and wishes - I'd rather see all of them collected in fresh threads, away from WiPs, with time for the modders to sort through them, get fresh inspiration, start them off on other lines of development, whenever they feel like it, and where they feel it fits in.

Piling all sorts of new things into running developments --make this 12 inches higher, that 6 inches lower, but with three new textures, compatible with this but not with that, oh and there should be a whole range of xxx added, and and and-- it all gets kinda hectic once in a while. And it appears to create "bad blood" as well...  :(

* Some probably feel now that I'm out of my place with these remarks, but sorry, that's just how I feel... so don't put on shoes that don't fit you, okay?

 i agree with you. that is why i say i am surprised by how many new mods there has been in the last few months. i did expect us players to step back and let the modders work with all the changes. the limit flag changes was 1 but at the same time we had the community icon find also. i do not envy them at all. they do put up with so much. i notice TOM did step away. he came and gave us an updated NORTH mod but that was for 1.06. i wonder how many beers KID has to have nowdays so he doesn't throw us and his comp out  a window.
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Kid - Yard Cover V1.3
« Last post by brads3 on Today at 06:07:03 PM »
I'm not going to tell what he is doing in the shed.
All I can say is, he is out of the sun.

"That's me in the corner, losing my religion."  R.E.M.

i thought banished was "X"rated for a minute. i see we dropped back to R or M rated still though. it aint safe here tonight.

ancientmuse, i recommend doing similar to what i did. play as long as you dare with any maps you have before upgrading either to the 1.07 or the individual mods. then load what you want and play from there. we can go back and upload more once modders are caught up and make fixes to get rid of bugz. when you do download you will be downloading more at a time this way. don't feel you have to keep pace with everything or anyone else. i am waiting for the pine update and i might hold until BT's new NAT DIV upgrade as well.
Suggestions and Mod Ideas / Re: Necora's Work in Progress
« Last post by QueryEverything on Today at 06:03:01 PM »
I have woefully missed the Fort Royal set, it had lovely little 2x buildings I could tuck away and yet still produce goodies, and it always worked well with the foresting outposts, tucked in amongst the trees.
I know, not very fort-ish, but I'm one for offbook workings, roflmao :)

Anyway, lovely to know we are getting more storage, one can never get enough.  :)

If you need more info on the bugs I found, I'll write up some more later (not more bugs, just more info).
As for numbers, I'll take a look later. 
I made far too many buildings that use flax, so I keep bottoming on that - but, that's just me.  haha.  :D

Thanks for the update @Necora
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