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Suggestions and Mod Ideas / Re: Red's new Work In Progress (2) thread
« Last post by elemental on Today at 05:31:37 PM »
Iron stoves is a good idea. Building on water should be harder than building on land, so don't worry about making these houses easy to build at the start of the game. But if you were to change them that means new models, more work. So I can understand if you want to leave them as they are. Perhaps as a separate mod at a later date?
Suggestions and Mod Ideas / Re: Red's new Work In Progress (2) thread
« Last post by RedKetchup on Today at 05:18:24 PM »
Those large stone chimneys don't seem to fit these dock houses. :-\

i know but they will still be that way >< sorry
i thought to maybe add a new building to make iron stoves and need 1 stove as building material for these... but can be rough on the start
Suggestions and Mod Ideas / Re: Red's new Work In Progress (2) thread
« Last post by Gatherer on Today at 04:20:04 PM »
Those large stone chimneys don't seem to fit these dock houses. :-\
Suggestions and Mod Ideas / Re: Red's new Work In Progress (2) thread
« Last post by RedKetchup on Today at 03:54:03 PM »
i didnt done anything lately these last 3 days ....

but i just made a woodcutter place for the docks :)
smaller 4x5, allowing 2 workers, a very little bit faster (as gift) ^^.
take 35 wood to build.
Village Blogs / Re: Abandoned - Pirate's Cove - Story 33
« Last post by Abandoned on Today at 07:11:56 AM »
Chapter 7

  Kylandro decided he had to make an emergency run back to the swamp.  He ordered a small warehouse to be built on the swamp stream and wanted as many herbs and nonperishable foods taken there as we could spare.  Walnuts and sea biscuits from the booty ship would be good choices.  He was very pleased when the swamp villagers donated several crates of apples.  A small pile of  peg legs were also stacked in the boat.

  Just as he was about to leave, Ladarion, the seed trader, arrived.  Kylandro told me to trade whatever I had to, even the rum, to get the wheat seeds the trader had.  Me?  Why not the first-mate?  Oh, the first mate was left in charge of the ship and the crew.   Okay then.  I would get those wheat seeds.

 Kylandro just left when Havenita, the resource merchant arrived.  Oh my gosh, he had a treasure map!  Yes, a treasure map.  I wanted that treasure map.  I asked the first mate what I should do.  He said he would not tell me what to do, I was the captain's woman, it was for me to decide.  At least he did not call me pirate's wench.  He did say these river boatmen were trusted friends of the captain, if they had a treasure map to offer then it was genuine and there would be a profit to be made by trading for it.  He smiled kindly and said I should not worry that Kylandro would be displeased with any decision I would make.

  I asked Havenita if he would wait until I got together enough trade goods together for the treasure map.  He would not take any rum because he was on his way back to Riverboat Junction.  They would only trade it to fellow pirates for a huge profit, better to take it to the other pirates ourselves.  Oh, so this river boatman was also a pirate.   He said he would wait, he was in no hurry to get back to the Junction.

  Kylandro had been in a hurry, he arrived back just before the end of the year.  He was pleased to hear I got the wheat seeds.  Our 4 children were happy to have him back and so was I.  Year 7 had been a good year.  Pirate's Cove had a population of 49, 29 adults, 4 students, and 16 young children.
« Last post by brads3 on Today at 07:08:06 AM »
YEAR 13-14

         we send another worker to cut firewood at the village chopper. we stretch roads and add bridges to access more is treacherous to work around these mountains.where it isn't steep there is a stream or lake to get around.a beekeeper will work the far east forest.with all the wildflowers, there should be plenty of honey.our builders also add more houses.

        so far nobody has triggered or cleared a trap.however,the merchant did bring the traps of the pine mod should be working,there is a beaver lodge now and then.i should send a pine trapper somewhere in an odd forest just to see what he might find.there isn't an over production of pelts so that is past games the foresters would clear the traps and collect the game and far inventory shows none.
        as i moved the wagonHO mod to attempt to fix the odd nomad counts,i did override RED's bison.there are KID prairie bison now.there are also ducks,elk, and if only i had TANDY's grouse or turkeys....the modders growl at me for pushing and tweaking the start settings, but i did make the game do something different.i do tell you all there is give and take to doing this case,there is less boar and bear meat the early years there were more bears spotted but the inventory doesn't show many bear or boars.the wild animal balance is affected by the wagonHO mod.i think the meat per bison is higher also.subtle and slight changes but gives a different does not give both,it swaps texture from 1 to the modders will probably  tell me i am crazy or change something so i can't do that.LOL

       the laborers are kept busy clearing rocks from the forests.even so,we use the stone as fast as they haul it out.a merchant did bring wheat seed.there is a payoff to out efforts.

pic 1:KID bison change
pic 2: bee keeper,note the beaver lodge and pelt to the left
pic 3:wheat seed trade
pic 4: wheat fields
Suggestions and Mod Ideas / Re: EMBX61's New Work in Progress Thread
« Last post by embx61 on September 21, 2018, 07:16:32 PM »
Was a busy day and made some good progress on several mods.

Had to raise the floor of the swimming pool a bit as the kids were going head under. so the kids are about shoulder height in the water and adults about their waste.
Two fountains finished and got the running water flowing worked out so implement it in 1 more fountain.

Searched and found some textures for the statues of the Arc de Triomph.

The pool has three water falls with flowing water. It is because of the size quite subtle but still visible.

Village Blogs / Re: Abandoned - Pirate's Cove - Story 33
« Last post by Abandoned on September 21, 2018, 12:55:52 PM »
 :D Thanks @rkelly17 glad you like the story.  Okay let me guess, a sea biscuit, hmm - a race horse? No, a cracker - parrot wants a cracker  ;D
Off Topic / Re: New Computer
« Last post by rkelly17 on September 21, 2018, 12:49:47 PM »
Good Lord! I had no idea I was hanging out with such a high end crowd! Fast Ryzens, GTX 1080s and flashing lights besides! Now my LEDs are glowing green with envy--though I wouldn't want a computer fire to get there. That is some scary [expletive deleted].
Village Blogs / Re: Abandoned - Pirate's Cove - Story 33
« Last post by rkelly17 on September 21, 2018, 12:43:15 PM »
The ship's pet parrot was perched before the doorway to the Den and squawked loudly until someone gave him a sea biscuit.

Love your stories, @Abandoned. Just a small question: What would a parrot do with a horse?  :P
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