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General Discussion / Re: Where do I find the wharf in MM?
« Last post by CookieBarrel on April 09, 2020, 06:55:17 PM »
goto -> Food Production -> Raw Food ->  Wharf & Ship (Look for the Anchor)
General Discussion / Where do I find the wharf in MM?
« Last post by AnnaDannir on April 09, 2020, 04:05:39 PM »
Okay.  So I've been strolling through the various previous threads and saw mention of a wharf.  I have the shipbuilder.  Heck.  I have 11 hull components (and counting!) but I need the wharf to build the darn ship and don't see one that's one unit (there's a harbor components thumbnail, but they look to be only window dressing 'cause they don't do anything). 
I'm sure I'm just overlooking it, so if someone could tell me it's location in the thumbnails I'd be appreciative.  Or how to build one out of component parts (and where they are).

General Discussion / Re: Workers just carrying goods around?
« Last post by brads3 on April 09, 2020, 10:47:48 AM »;sa=view;down=596

try this. someone please check to see if this works with inedible foods and post that info to the mod download page. thank you
Mod Talk / CC compatability 1.07
« Last post by brads3 on April 09, 2020, 10:46:30 AM »
General Discussion / Re: Workers just carrying goods around?
« Last post by Goblin Girl on April 09, 2020, 10:24:50 AM »
I just looked at every mod over at Blackliquid and you're right, there's no compatibility mod available any longer.

Megamod mostly takes care of it, but I've found there are some problems with markets.  Specifically, if a market says it only takes edible food, then if the vendor picks up a cart of inedible food (flour, for example) they may get stuck in a loop.  For this reason, I avoid markets that only accept edible food.
Village Blogs / Re: Abandoned - Darkstone Castle - Story 55
« Last post by Abandoned on April 09, 2020, 08:37:32 AM »
Chapter 9

  Records showed that by late spring of year 25 the supply of logs, firewood, and food was good.  Records also showed that the health and happiness of the residents of Darkstone Village and Coven was at 100%.  There was some trading done.  The problem with smugglers must have subsided, there was no mention of smugglers other than a notice board note that said "no activity at the smuggler's cave, boat gone". 

 Life in Darkstone Village and the Coven must have returned to normal.  The population was 75, 41 adults, 24 students, and 10 young children.  It was around that time that the first elf and villager couple paired up .  Katha, the single female in the small Coven house, had taken up with villager Lymani.  They had 2 children.  When the children were old enough and in school they would not be taught Elven magic, only pure-bred elves are able to learn and use Elven magic. Their parentage was recorded in one of old Elven school record books.  At the time, there were 6 Elven students in the Coven school but they were too young to be taught any Elven magic, dark or otherwise.  The students were only being taught about plants and herbs and combinations used for healing.  Later when they were older they would learn basic spells and conjuring.  At the time the only things being conjured up were tools, coats, apples, wheat, and walnuts.  In year 27 villager Rodolf married elf Magdalian.
Village Blogs / Re: Weapon Challenge
« Last post by Nilla on April 09, 2020, 07:09:18 AM »
Have you built many trading ports? You need a lot of them and it takes time before the orders start to work. And donīt take any more nomads now and see that you have schools enough. Let your population work and use everyone you can spare to build a weapon industry. If you want to show any intermediate screenshots, I might give you some more advice.

Anyway, I tried to run the game a bit longer but itīs simply too boring, just to build houses. I had maybe a production of 10 k royal weapon and royal armour at the end. Since the import of the raw material is financed with beer and only the weapon production at this level could support another 6000 people with food, (I donīt even count all the weapon Iīve stored) it will stay boring a long time. It was fun to have a different goal but now Iīm heading back North.
Village Blogs / Re: Weapon Challenge
« Last post by avdpos on April 09, 2020, 04:46:08 AM »
Good work!
Have a hard time seeing how I shall be able to beat you. I am at year 23 and have made what you said was "possible ways to improve" as I have taken in ~150 nomads and got a rather high population.
Iīm certain I never would have had a chance to beat you if I hadnīt seen your score - it is so high I hadnīt realised I needed to build so much.
So I make a run - and if I do beat you it is thanks to your village blog
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Kid's Workshop
« Last post by VickyLeZiegler on April 09, 2020, 03:19:43 AM »
Thank you for the quick response. I know the Brigdemod and have already tried to visually recreate a building on hills, unfortunately it doesn't seem quite real. The beautiful houses from the Fairy Tale mod unfortunately fit visually badly to the other types of houses. Surely we now have a lot of time for many new ideas. I'm excited. This is a really lively community :) :) :)
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