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Suggestions and Mod Ideas / Re: Embx61 Work in progress
« Last post by embx61 on Today at 08:53:23 PM »
@PredatorBeing  reported two bugs for the Natural channels. The Start well pump had ground seen instead of water in the deep part and the arrow direction of the 2x straight piece was backwards. Number one was a Pivot Z issue when I forgot to set the Pivot back at 0 after bringing my hole down. The 2x straight I had to spin the moving water 180 degrees in the UVW map Editor so the water flows in the direction of the arrow. Both issues are now fixed and so will be ready for the next version.

Working on the Above Ground Channels a bit, Redo a bit of the toolbar to make it smaller. Do all the pumps, connectors, bridges on a sub toolbar. Changed the water so the color will be the same as Natural Channels and will not get white in the winter. Also do a bit of optimizing and can save 2 textures so 2 draw calls.

I did the same for the natural channels and plan later to do the same on the Ground Channels.

Village Blogs / Re: BRAD'S SETTLING of AMERICA SERIES:going north tests
« Last post by embx61 on Today at 03:24:12 PM »
Ah, I see.

It did not look that bad though.

The other sets have a so called well pump what is below ground and then add connectors to connect to above ground system.

I am in process of redoing some of the Above ground set while also working on the natural channels and will add a start well to that set as well.
Village Blogs / Re: BRAD'S SETTLING of AMERICA SERIES:going north tests
« Last post by brads3 on Today at 03:02:49 PM »
i loaded and started this map while you were upgrading to another set.LOL. yes that pump is not designed for what i did. you caught me.i did say the builder placed wood over the hole so nobody fell in.hahhaha. that game didn't go far anyhow with the apple gathering conflicts.NILLA sent me to pull my hair out and scratch my head.think i am on the 4th test.2 that showed the north failed with CC. and then 2 with the pine set mods.
Village Blogs / Re: BRAD'S SETTLING of AMERICA SERIES:going north tests
« Last post by embx61 on Today at 02:32:18 PM »

By looking at the pump and reservoir again. What piece did you use as the pump?
Looks like a ghosted piece to fit the NMT canals. So some is hidden below the ground.

Seems you play with only the Above ground Irrigation?

The other two have a real well pump piece to place anywhere. In a later update I will add those pieces to above ground as well.
Village Blogs / Re: BRAD'S SETTLING of AMERICA SERIES:going north tests
« Last post by embx61 on Today at 12:09:51 PM »
It was your suggestion to add a Well Pump so not have to connect to a river or lake so it does make sense to use it that way :)

Village Blogs / Re: BRAD'S SETTLING of AMERICA SERIES:going north tests
« Last post by brads3 on Today at 11:48:56 AM »
no,but i built the resevoir last.i would have opted for a darker texture for the set.a darker,rustic loook would fit some places better.if anyone asks i will tell them the builder scraped all the old bark off before he built the well.i wondered how you would like that i built it in the middle and didn't connect it to the was an experiment.
Village Blogs / Re: BRAD'S SETTLING of AMERICA SERIES:going north tests
« Last post by embx61 on Today at 11:18:21 AM »
Looking at your picture of the well and the reservoir.

Did you noticed a graphical glitch. It seems if the reservoir is put down first it is way too dark. Then if another piece of the irrigation system (Not all, just some) is dragged closed to the reservoir it changes to the correct color.

Paeng notified me of that bug and I was able to reproduce it. I build a complete new one and it does the same.  :o

I think because I needed the height, width etc of the channel pieces to connect to the reservoir I imported the 2x channel mesh as a guide in my reservoir scene. It looks like the AO is merged with it and screw somehow my reservoir up.

LOL RED. noo that is TOM's iron bloom that he uses instead of iron ore.

Village Blogs / Re: BRAD'S SETTLING of AMERICA SERIES:going north tests
« Last post by brads3 on Today at 09:01:27 AM »
LOL RED. noo that is TOM's iron bloom that he uses instead of iron is why the NORTH and CC don't work together.
Village Blogs / Re: BRAD'S SETTLING of AMERICA SERIES:going north tests
« Last post by brads3 on Today at 08:59:37 AM »
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<TEST #3 NORTH mod disabled>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

              mods: turned north back off and the nordic mods on.moved EB canal mod up in that group.moved the  FO up in KID'S group. those sould help icon issues.

  map settings:Ollis,192629059,cold valleys,very large,mild,medium.

objective:test the new pine mod upgrades.

   the QUEEN has requested that we go north and explore more of this land.the 1st 2 expeditions went way to "THE NORTH". one was abandoned due to conflicting opinions on clothing and use of iron. the other was never heard from again.
    i hope she likes it in the dark cause this map is very bleak.guess we will have to hunt as i don't think much will grow without is also very windy here.
     there is 18 of us.we send out a trout fisherman and a quick area to the north is located for a gathering hut,herbalist,and deer cabin.since 1 of our foresters has apple seedlings,he will start planting apple conserve our iron,we opt for IZBA houses.
     2 houses are completed by the workers clear ground for construction,they have found little food.though we hoped the sun would come out more in summer,it did not.
     the pine blacksmith can't make tools since we have no pine materials.the only option he offers is for iron.we will need our mini BS to make stone tools for the moment.
     one of the few complaints i have with NECORA'S mods is the scales. some buildings look smaller than they is like we have a mini option then a jump to a huge option with the sherbrooke set.i do see some buildings have been scaled up. the pine tailor and school seem small still. the larger sized buildings also require lumber and iron to build. not a major issue but does take time to build to that level.
   is it my eyes or is the NORTH mod still making the textures darker to the vanilla huts and barn??it was disabled but not removed from the folder.
   to help our food stocks,1 2nd gatherer is added to the hut.workers will also clear stone near the buildings.while the workers are busy keeping our log count up,the builder constructed a bridge to gain access to more land and supplies.
   though we don't need water i did run a test on EB's canal.with us so close to the water level,we didn't have to dig down very deep.we threw boards over the hole so children don't fall in and we have a nice pump and collecting tank.if we need more water we can opt for a bigger pumphouse.

    hmm,we have an issue. the apple orchard is CC trees not NECORA's.we have a crate of apples and nobody picks it up.the gatherers have carried logs several times to the pine storage.quite strange. please note this mod is untested and more of a beta version.NECORA started to run tests and then left town due to his employment.biggest issue is the gathering hut seems to be broken and will not collect food no longer.what food the 2 gatherers carry and deliver does not count to the gathering huts's total.since this will make us short on food a pine vanilla gatherer is the meantime,workers are sent across the bridge in search of food.the 2nd gatherer is sent to hunt.the gatherer runs across the bridge and works as a laborer.
definetly a weird glitch.i am not running any of the patches with the pine mod. to my understanding those deal with flax issues.NECORA'S mod is shutting down a CC chain.
   with the pine vanilla gatherer built and the worker switched,at least food is gathered again.however,no apples are collected and the gatherer seems slow to collect any food.a maple gatherer cache is built.
sadly the maple gatherer goes idle instantly with no maple forest.i did double check the apples and they can be collected as wild gathering hut seems to pick them up though. by rights the vanilla gatherer should have harvested the apples since the orchard forests are part of the CC mod.this is bizarre.

    reluctantly the 3rd test of heading north has failed. it is a miserable fail of the reknowned pine mod.the hopes of the gathering abilities have been shattered. i did debug and add the FO gatherer as well. he did not collect the aples but seemed busier than the other gatherers.he constantly ran around collecting roots,mushrooms,and onions.this fail makes me shake my head and stare at the screen. even if the coding is worded different between NECORA'S mods and CC,the CC parts should function with each other. they do not. i don't use the CC orchard foresters was just odd luck that i tried them with this made sence with the cold-valley map to not use crops and use gathering and hunting instead.the oine mod is too big and brings lots to the game. it definetly deserves more odd as this error is it is a tiny error compared to the good NECORA has brought to the not take my wording as an attack against the mod,it is more to show how stunned i was by the error.

pic 1:forest area
pic 2: pine valley
pic 3: EB's canal well
pic 4: apple problem shows worker walking by the apple crate. the vanilla gathering hut numbers are frozen. he is now acting as a laborer.
pic 5: pine set vanilla cache and maple cache added.note the low numbers of the vanilla cache. the FO did much better when i tested it.
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