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General Discussion / Re: Consumption Per Person
« Last post by Ogedei on Today at 08:52:20 AM »
Clothes have a durability of 4 years

Does it matter which type or is it the same for all?
Mod Discussions / Re: DS Small Village v1.1
« Last post by kid1293 on Today at 07:00:23 AM »
Not the easiest to see in the snow, I still need to make the AO map to remove snow from fire.

You mean the firepit, not the flames?
Add a separate texture for the glowing part and write -
Material _material = "Material\Opaque\OpaqueMaterial.rsc";
instead of -
Material _material = "Material\OpaqueSnow\OpaqueSnowMaterial.rsc";
in you .rsc file

I know you don't use multiple materials but it is a safe way to change your
material-settings (nosnow, billboard.... )
Tips and Help / Re: Help a newbie!
« Last post by kid1293 on Today at 05:33:37 AM »

Hi and welcome!
In Blender you first create a new material slot with the 'plus-sign'(1)
name it and assign texture to it.
In edit mode you select your faces and click on the material slot
you want to use and 'Assign' (2)
Then you unwrap as usual having only the faces you want selected.

You must write a set of files for each texture you use. (as RedKetchup wrote)

Village Blogs / Re: Abandoned - Mountain Mines - Story 8
« Last post by Abandoned on Today at 05:20:32 AM »
Chapter 8

  There was more than enough wine to trade plus gold ore and bars, jade and jade statues, sapphire necklaces, and diamond rings.  Shedric, my husband of over 16 years, said he would really like to get me one of those diamond rings.  I said I preferred rocks out in the sunshine with a babbling brook flowing over them.  He said he knew I was going to say that.  I said I preferred the scarecrow he made me with the wool coat he tailored.  He said he knew that too.  What he didn't know was that I'd never seen a crow in the vegetable field I was now farming again, or that I really liked that new house at the edge of the woods on the other side of town.  The town was just getting too built up and crowded for my liking. 

  The other side of town would be getting more crowded too though, especially with that Market BBQ being built across from the smelter. Everyone was just waiting for the first sweet potato harvest from the field over by that wood and stone house.  Then they could get a BBQ meal and go across the bridge to sit outside by the tavern to eat.  If it wasn't snowing or raining.  And it seemed to be always raining.  It rained from early spring well into spring.  The huge puddle of mountain runoff still had not dried up by late spring.  The wild roses didn't seem to mind all the rain and the wild bees were still managing to get the crops and fruit trees pollinated. 

  The new church on that side of town was also drawing a crowd, it was filled to capacity the moment the new cleric opened the door in early autumn of year 18.  Parishioners passing by thought the log cabins a perfect match for the tavern and brewer's house but wondered why the brewer had a wine cellar alongside his house.  He said it was because an extension was planned for alongside the tavern next year.

  Meanwhile, back on this side of town a new storage barn was built,  the overhanging roof was a nice shelter from the storm for those of us going that way to collect wild foods.  We did not want to miss gathering any of the wild foods since our food reserves were often low.  We were considering building a new dock to attract food merchants or shutting down production at the tavern.  That thought didn't go over very well.  I know I wouldn't want to give up my cup of mulled wine by the fire on a snowy winter night.  I just wish I had some of those good cookies we had as kids up North.

Village Blogs / Re: Abandoned - Mountain Mines - Story 8
« Last post by Abandoned on Today at 05:09:14 AM »
@RedKetchup that almost black looking building is the Inn.  It is from the mod by slink Mathieuaso Houses v3 which is the inn, 3 small houses and 3 medium from the Fountain Mod.  I have not used the Fountain Mod yet so I don't know how it looked to begin with.  The Inn looks dark brown when not raining, the medium house looks okay (pictured in next chapter), I did not use the small house.
Village Images / Re: Sightseeing In Banished Land
« Last post by RedKetchup on Today at 04:43:52 AM »
kek  ;D
Tips and Help / Re: Help a newbie!
« Last post by RedKetchup on Today at 04:41:59 AM »
each texture need his .rsc and Texture.rsc like you do for your big 1024x1024.

how you apply it to your model i dont know, i dont use blender (i use 3dsMax)
but some do
Village Images / Re: Sightseeing In Banished Land
« Last post by Paeng on Today at 04:32:28 AM »
Dabu, kek

Gol'Kosh, conversing in orkish...  ;D

Tips and Help / Re: Help a newbie!
« Last post by jesta030 on Today at 03:40:49 AM »
Looks like original from northern Germany.

Good eye. Its the house I grew up in from north east germany. If i get the hang of this thing i'm loking into making a whole range of thatched roof houses.

The vanilla houses have round about 1 - 1.5 k vertices on 4 x 4 game tiles. My cottages have 2 - 3 k and I could not notice a relevant influence on the game performance in my tests.

Good Lord! Break out the beveling tools, we're going full ham on this bad boy. The model i'm using has 107 verts, 109 faces.

The toolbar icon needs a correct link from the template to the sprite sheet.

Yeah the guide by discrepancy i used was a bit vague on what to do with the icon. guess i'll have to figure it out. had some errors building but just ignored them as it was late at night. maybe i'll look into them some more and it'll fix the toolbar icon issue.

personally, i prefer to assign different material to different pieces instead of mapping to 1 big file. yes for a model, it makes more bytes than one 1024 but it gives a  better resolution per texture. and if happends to reuse the same textures for many parts, and for many models, you in fact save space overall because you are reusing many times the same textures

and how would i go about doing this? how does banished know which textures are linked to what part of the mesh? any tutorials out there?
i guess i could use a couple 128x128 or 256x256 textures to get more detail while keeping the size down.

Thanks for the tips guys, much appreciated!
General Discussion / Re: Consumption Per Person
« Last post by Tom Sawyer on Today at 02:50:14 AM »
It is defined in the citizen.rsc as clothingLengthInMonths. Set it to 1 and they are going to eat their coats.^^

It would be great to have this value in the resource files as you said. We could make more different clothes with interesting properties.
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