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General Discussion / Re: Multiple output buildings -- inner mechanics
« Last post by RedKetchup on Today at 12:20:35 PM »
it is mainly a CC question. i personally dont have any template file from CC... i will gonna ask someone from CC to examine your question.
Village Blogs / Re: Abandoned - Crystal Canyon - Story 36
« Last post by Abandoned on Today at 12:12:15 PM »
Chapter 16

  In early spring of year 18 Crystal Canyon only had 4 students, 1 of the 4 attended magic school.  It would be a few years before 1 of these 4 became an adult but there were quite a few more young children that would be starting school soon.  Because of the new magic student a few more summoned fairies appeared around that part of town.  Even though we would have no spare worker for a few more years, we took the opportunity to build a nectar press.  We had a surplus of both wild berries and strawberries and that was likely to continue.  Adults would be able to sit in the shade, or in the sun if they preferred, and enjoy a bottle of fresh fruit nectar, and Elven treat.

Years 19 through 21 were fairly route.  As predicted more children became students.  Our production level remained high, no doubt due to our 100% education rate.  We built a 3rd school because several children across the river would be reaching school age very soon.  We still had far more children than adults. Crystal Canyon's population of pure-bred Elves at the end of year 21 was 65, 26 adults, 15 students, and 23 young children.  We wondered what population we must reach before the Elven Council considered us a successful thriving settlement of Elves.
You have found very nice map seed  for "ocean play" Some decorations ships, and ocean feeling is made. 
I maybe going try this map. Thanks.
Thanks both!^^

Yeah, it's a challenge for sure, but if you take things easy and deliberately it becomes part of the flow of the game and adds so much more.:)
My sister also had a village family tree noted down on paper. She used an Adam and Eve the 8th/9th generation the A3 was full. Quite an interesting run.
I can wholeheartedly recommend GRAMPS, the only time it botched for me was on my account. Being open source it has a whole collection of free extensions to fit to your personal needs.

Will update to year 7 soon.
Speaking of; I got tired of having to double check what date I events happened on so I threw together this Banished date converter, maybe others have use for it too.
The orange field in the top-right is for you chosen starting date, which will fill in the table for the coming 325 years. It also has a converter for quick checks by adding Game Year and Game Month (drop down) to transform into real a world date.
General Discussion / Re: Multiple output buildings -- inner mechanics
« Last post by ordinart on Today at 10:32:42 AM »
I'm sorry I forgot, of course I meant educated workers and for reference I'm using this.
So to summarise, there is only 1 product at a time and there is possibility to weight recipes for RNG.
Could you tell me the probabilities of recipes for dairy and butcher? Or at least tell me how to calculate myself?(I tried using this but I couldn't find where in provided code are output values)
An interesting project. Will be fun to read for sure.

« Last post by brads3 on Today at 07:47:30 AM »

     the riverboat market serves the east orchard forests.north of it is a pine market. the bannies figure a stone market near the bridge will serve the north and far east forests.these will hep move goods back toward the gate bridge.they also will help move firewod,tools,and foods around for the forester workers.beside the new stone market, they will build a shop to make leather move goods into the city,we double workers at the log depot and material markets.the old timers at the north trading posts asked for a mini food market.a small dock market will serve the greenhouse docks.

       so  you all dont think i am totally crazy,i did want to give you more looks of the forests.there are subtle differences. some collect flax.KID's forest workers do collect the new flora items.note the pine flora patch is enabled and producing the flax and wild oats.i only wanted the bees.outside the forest radiuses you can see lots more bright green leaf trees and some red maples.alongh the stream between the RK and KID forests is not in any circle. just southwest of the bridge is a FO has taken some trial and error but there is a better balance to the many items. herbs are low. herb growers compensate for that easily.the onions aren't overproductive.they can be depending on the mod order and setup.if there were more slots to some of the gatherers,then the total outputs woud improve.

        the way the forest gathering works has been changed and added to many times over the years.RED has varieties of berries that grow with the fodder grass and flowers.with the dense forest and pine mods,threes have choked the fodder grass out. the modders continue making changes and adjustments. hopefully,we will have longer living trees and more meadows mixed in.the tree growth and ages still functions under the vanilla time speed. much of the game is on a year base;crop growths,outputs,education.trees are aging and dying much faster. even the players who use the vanilla age or population growth would benefit from the trees living longer.not sure i explained that very well. the game plays at a year to year pace.the way the game was designed is 1 year is really like 6-8 years.the bannies aged that much faster and multiplied quickly.however,they still only grew and ate a years worth of food in the same time. with odding,much of the game has been changed to function on a year to year base.

       the pig farmers did start to work together.  as they butchered pigs in the large pen,they replaced them from the holding pen.we felt it was time to make another pig pasture and shut down the holding pen entirely.this will also move fertilizer closer to the greenhouses.the misc carts move a variety of goods,beeswax,reeds,etc, but never fertilizer.the pine market in the forest is storing some but none of the other markets are. even so the greenhouses are producing well. most of the fertilizer is being stored in the original storage pile.a pile will be set near the pig passture and a small pile by a barn half way to greenhouses. this should split the walking distance.

       the EB winery waits for grapes from the CC orchard forest.hopefully,there will be enough wine to supply all our taverns.

pic 1: north forest tree growth,a tiny forester is at the base of the mountain,an RK to the east,and a small FO just southwest of the bridge

pic 2: some forerst outputs,
pic 3: greenhouse dock market
pic 4: EB winery
pic 5: larger pig pasture with a storage pile for the fertilizer
Ooooo genealogical stuff! I tried once, and failed miserably, but I was just writing it on a piece of paper :P

It looks like a really cool project!
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: THE NORTH 6
« Last post by 1 on Today at 05:51:21 AM »
And another idea. Summer cow house for milking. This shelter was used against mosquito's. The upper vent in roof, purpose was to get mosquito's and warm air out.
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: THE NORTH 6
« Last post by 1 on Today at 05:46:59 AM »
I have waited when you release luhtiaitta (Loft-Storehouse) No pressure.

To finalise "gated ground homestead"
We need animal shelters for winter.
You all ready got "cow house". For me your big barn is more like cow house.
My grandfather cow house look very match like that. And that's why i like to use it a lot in my game.
But that's too modern, for wooden gated ground homestead.

We need wooden cowhouses and stables. Something like this:

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