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Village Blogs / Re: BRAD'S SETTLING OF AMERICA SERIES 4:Clermott
« Last post by brads3 on Today at 06:50:41 AM »
YEAR 63 and 64

   the CC orchard forest is working and collecting apples.there is  space between there and the nomad valley and then in the south DS town.
i won't build all 90 houses but will build several as i wind this map down. not all the factories and mines were completed from the DS industry mod set.

   a my precious mine works near the south mines. it will work in place of  the DS silver mine. a supervisor lookout tower works there as well. the gap between the tracks and lake is used for storage and offloading of the train.  the nomad valley cleared land for more houses,fields, and farmyards. they added some workplace shops to make jam,nut bread,and to cut steaks.

   the DS town added the White Swan tavern and several parks and wells.a loading ramp and platform helps load heavy minerals onto the train.  we have over 200 houses for the bannies.the map is covererd except for the far northwest corner that was designated for forests.

pic 1: CC apple growth
pic 2:workshops
pic 3:KID water tower
pic 4:2nd DS Stythe tower
pic 5:White Swan tavern
pic 6:load ramp
Village Blogs / Re: BRAD'S SETTLING OF AMERICA SERIES 4:Clermott
« Last post by brads3 on July 01, 2020, 05:09:09 AM »

   a group of 85 nomads travels thru town. we do not have space for them. they go on to settle more land elsewhere.this is the 1st group that was denied.

   the north docks extended again. they added a church and RK school is built for the south DS workers.enough houses were completed to empty the boardinghouses. the bannies still need 90 houses for all the couples.i think many of those are younger couples that came with the nomad groups. we do show over 100 laborers for the 25 builders. 

   1 gold ore tag shows in the townhall menu.the my precious mod overrides the DS gold and silver ore flags. they are set the old way to textiles.hence the silver smelter and assayers office wouldn't work even if the silver mine did function. 1 of those give and takes to using different mods.the RK foundry does take the gold ore and smelts it into gold bars that will flag under the precious limit flag. just depends on how the mod was coded.

        there are other items that do cross flag.RED's carts store a mixture of some store in the assayers storage as precious.KID's log depot will store coal. at times this works good and other times it is a nusance. SLINK's market set storing goods with the changed limits even thou it is a 1.06 mod.KID's log depot will move enough coal to cause slow downs to wood cutters,since they would be short logs. again,it is a give and take to adding mods together. with some experience, you learn to use it to your advantage and avoid issues when you can.

   i recommend placing a variety of storage scattered around the map.  avoid filling the start pile as well. this helps avoid shutdowns and slowdowns that would occur if the bannies can  not find storage for any item. each of the modders have worked to add storage options that help improve the storage.KID has foresters that store thatch,RED has a forest storage barn and a set of carts,EB has a set of markets and the material wharehouse,and Necora has the pine sheds.

pic 1:north dock church and school
pic 2:RK school
pic 3: RK foundry,
General Discussion / Re: Welcome New Members!
« Last post by Anne_Allegra on July 01, 2020, 03:27:49 AM »
Hello guys!

I found Banished on YouTube and watched a few LetsPlays. It got me quite hooked up and I bought the game - since then I'm kind of addicted  ;D
I'm just playing a bit around, trying out various stuff (using MegaMod 8.1) and time flies by ... a very pleasant way to spend time during your holiday (or a quarantine)

Thanks so much to the modders, thanks to their knowledge and efforts the game got really awesome!
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Kid's Mods
« Last post by kid1293 on June 30, 2020, 02:14:27 PM »
Okay Cookie, noted.
It can depend on map, wildlife start does not touch trees or spawn items.
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Kid's Mods
« Last post by CookieBarrel on June 30, 2020, 10:06:42 AM »
In regards to SwanpThing, came across something interesting. Used medium start from Wildlife Start mod. SwampThing did not crash.
However, only about 200 reeds manifested after map generation. This is just an FYI.
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Kid - Summer Haven V1.0
« Last post by Abandoned on June 30, 2020, 05:11:27 AM »
There are 2 other Haven Mods   

Kid Forest Haven is complete in itself with several unique things added, the texture matches Kid Nativity Chapel.;sa=view;down=590

Kid More Havens is the basic haven buildings in 3 textures to match vanilla wood and Kid Gothic Fantasy Happy or Dark.  Supporting town building would be in Kid Gothic Fantasy  or Kid Old Town mods.;sa=view;down=591

Village Blogs / Re: BRAD'S SETTLING OF AMERICA SERIES 4:Clermott
« Last post by brads3 on June 30, 2020, 05:10:59 AM »

   the north dock added 3 houses. this emptied the colonial lodge.there are still bannies in the train station.

   a DS smelter for silver was built and the silver mine activated.the mine claims it is missing something to work. a Neubert blacksmith keeps the south DS miners supplied with iron ore mine works near it. i think the DS trade post sells items for silver and then the silver is traded for food.the DS workers constructed the huge blast furnace to smelt iron and copper.a DS placer mine works on the main river.

pic 1:north dock housing
pic 2:DS trade post stocks,now and then wer did get a boat that carried food.
pic 3:DS silver smelter
pic 4:blast furnace
pic 5: DS placer mine
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Kid - Summer Haven V1.0
« Last post by catty-cb on June 30, 2020, 03:48:18 AM »
Thank you and much appreciated as I loved the first version of this   :)
Village Images / Re: Pictures from Linntown
« Last post by catty-cb on June 30, 2020, 03:44:16 AM »
Sure will its Mapseed: 92688 from [CC] Lake Waters and the Terrain Size is set to Large
Village Images / Re: Pictures from Linntown
« Last post by pezet on June 29, 2020, 11:48:16 PM »
amazing map! would you mind to share the map seed with us? :)
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