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Always greener on the other side

Started by Voeille, June 06, 2022, 07:20:11 PM

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Texture sizes quadrupled — 1K trees and 2K grass and 4K spoons — and so is the amount of green. I might not be able to make it into a proper mod as I used a few textures from Skyrim & its mods for my blends so it's not all open source, but I thought the results were interesting — vanilla trees aren't all that bad if given more pixel space.


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@Voeille  this looks very nice. Hope it works out.


I can always redo the bits that use textures I couldn't share — it's still work in progress anyway.

I tried a slghtly different take on the pines, made them a bit more sparse for hopefully a more natural look.

I also improved the grass blend for a busy and detailed look up close, but hopefully without obvious tiling hen zoomed out.

(All images are 4k, worth zooming in for a more detailed view.)


It looks great! I can't see any obvious tiling at all on the ground textures, and the detail is very good.


that looks great and is very natural looking   :)


Thanks! I now also retextured rocks and iron and changed the material they use to let them be covered by snow — it always felt a bit weird that they didn't.

I think I can release this mod separately once finished (just the ground textures & rocks) and redo the pines and leafless branches later to replace some of the source textures to something with open permissions or just sit and make my own (all my content for games I mod is always open to be improved upon by others and/or for usage elsewhere — it just benefits everyone in the end).


This keeps getting better and better. Do plan on this being an overlay or a replacer? Great work


The only way for it to be an overlay would be to blend the new textures with original ones (the cliff does that but it's not just a plain 50% opacity blend, the original texture was edited and mixed into the new one to add detail), as the game can only load one texture for one thing, not multiple with varied opacities — the only exception is the snow and burned textures on objects and buildings as that goes on top of the normal one.
The other option (instead of replacer) would be to add it as a choice at the start (for example Lush Mountains and Lush Valleys), but that would make it incompatible with any other mod that changes those (for example CC or RKEC). Keeping it just as a simple texture replacer is the most compatible and flexible way, as you can switch it on/off as you like even in an existing save.



Quote from: Kristahfer on June 11, 2022, 05:46:32 PM
Fantastic, thanks for the response @Voeille

we need a way to break the setup start conditions into pieces so we can control each piece. not a modder so have no idea if it is possable. so far nobody can do it fully. it would have to separate the start conditions so the game could pick up the stone texture in 1 place, trees another, and terrain and then the animals. so far not possable. if you affect any of the start conditions, you override all.

i am not sure it is even fixable at this point if we did find a way to break the conditions apart separately.all mods to this point aren't going to be rewritten to accomadate a fix. many modders have moved on by now. maybe someday a modder will figure a way to solve it so we can alter more from the start settings without losing other things added.

there are few exceptions to that rule. again, i'm not a modder so do not know how things are coded to pull it off. you can affect/ override some graphic details such as trees , texture, animal skins, grass, and stone textures. they are dependant on how lines are in the coding and what lines are not. if a mod does not set a requirement specifically, then the next mod can add to the settings.

i'll give you some examples to clarify. you can load the RKEC or most any  main mod. these do not change the stone texture,no lines in them for that. by using TOM's north mod, you could alter the stone texture, since he did change it in his mod. the game will load the starts of the RKEC above and then change the stone texture when it ereads that coding after the RKEC. if you used the North above the RKEC, then all other start setting will have been changed before the RKEC is loaded.

this is limited however. you can not add the RKEC below other start affecting mods and add the wild animals. even thou the deer are vanilla, the game locks the coding so it won't read/load them from the RKEC.  it may seem weird to us players, but there are things we can change and lots that we can not. you can alter the texture without affecting terrain and you can add to some parts such as gathering plants. 

and that is on a vanilla start with medium start settings. if the main mod loads the start settings such as a marsh, or CC's different tree starts, or some of KIDD's special starts,  then it cancels the other orders and loads all from that start.

that all being said, there is a mod that does similar to this 1. TOM's NORDIC LANDSCAPE mod does alter many things. it also alters the climate thou which affects food production. the ground is brighter since TOM does away with the dirt texture from the terrains.if my memory is right, been a while since i used it, TOM left much open in the coding so you can load it above and get the wild animals of the RKEC and add a tree mod as well. a fair climate with the Nordic Landscape mod is harsher than a fair vanilla start. it plays between a vanilla fair and vanilla harsh on a mild setting. more like spring temperatures all summer long. lot less food production and food rots faster in fall as well.


I agree it would be nice to have starting conditions from multiple mods, and various terrain generation modifications working for all starts. For example, I have a mod called Beautiful World which adds mountain trees and old growth forests among other things. It has a version compatible with (an old version of) CC, however the old growth forests only appear on vanilla starts.

In Skyrim if you have mods that edit the same thing you can make patches, which are extra mod files that bridge changes from conflicting mods. Sometimes you've got to pick one (for example they change the price of something, so you can either have one value or the other), but if for example they add different items to the same list, you can make a patch that makes sure items from both mods are added instead of one overwriting the other. You can also make mods that don't edit the same resources at all work together, for example if one mod does something with vanilla spells and you have a separate mod that adds new spells, you can make a patch that will apply similar changes/additions to your new spells mod. Similar functionality in Banished would be extremely useful.


The ground replacement is pretty much ready and should be released hopefully soon. The pasture and cemetery share the same texture, orchard is very similar (has slightly less grounds and a fe fallen branches — however those are very small as otherwise they stood out as massive compared to the bannies and buildings).



Beautiful, @Voeille! I love your Lush and Green mod, and this looks like it'll be even better!