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Kid - Settlers V1.01

Started by kid1293, June 02, 2019, 07:17:51 AM

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Kid - Settlers V1.01;sa=view;down=564

A mod with a certain style.
Most buildings come in 3 textures with a close match to each other.

I have fixed a missing description for fur.
Same name as the mod. Download again.

V1.01 - Fixing the too-expensive mill

Abandoned's blog with pictures
Check here for more pictures

2 Huts 3x3 for 3 bannies - work=24 wood=16
3 Cottages 4x4 for 5 bannies - work=42 wood=30
2 Manor 5x4 for 7 bannies - work=62 wood=42

Barn 5x6 - work=62 wood=32 Storage=9000
Small Barn 3x3 - work=28 wood=20 Storage=3200
Shed 1x1 plus road - work=18 wood=8 Storage=800
Market 7x5 - work=32 wood=20 Storage=5200
Trader 4x5 - work=48 wood=24 Storage=12000 (no livestock)
Warehouse 7x3 - work=42 wood=20 Storage=7200

Meeting Hall 5x4 - work=52 wood=32
Well 1x1 - work=60 stone=24 Nomads 0/2/5/10/20/50/100%
(I removed the well function from nomad wells. It could cause a crash)
Hospital 5x4 for 13 bannies - work=62 wood=42
Chapel 5x7 for 120 bannies - work=68 wood=44
School 6x5 for 24 bannies - work=62 wood=42

Smith 5x4 - work=42 wood=24 stone=12 Iron/Steel tools
Seamstress 5x4 - work=48 wood=40 Leather/Linen/Wool/Fur clothes
Baker 5x3 - work=48 wood=40 Bread and Jelly Bun :)
Mill 5x5 - work=64 wood=42 Wheat/Corn/Oats/Wild Oats
Nut Grove 3x3 - work=28 wood=20 radius=18 Walnut Tree Forester
Gatherer 5x3 - work=28 wood=20 Collects Vanilla/New Flora/Walnuts
Herbalist 4x4 - work=32 wood=22 radius=30
Hunter 3x3 - work=28 wood=20 radius=24
Animal Shed 6x4 - work=32 wood=22 Egg/Milk/Wool
Fisherman 4x2 plus road - work=32 wood=20 radius=14
Fenceless Pasture min 4x4 max 32x32 free to build

Flax 4x4 plus road - work=16 wood=2
Herb 4x4 plus road - work=16 wood=2
Berry  4x4 plus road - work=16 wood=2

Deco Free to build
Flower Bed min 1x1 max 15x15 - Non-Walking Area for decorations.
(Ghosted Deco) - Chamomile/Flax/Hollyhock/Morning Glory/Lavender/Oleander
Scarecrow/Cart/Swing/Washing Line/Cross for Chapel

Blocking Dirt Path - 1 work - Bannies some time walk here but mostly avoid it.
   Dirt matches the other dirt roads and blends seamlessly.
Dirt Path - 1 work fast
Wood Path Grass - 1 wood - faster - Wood Steppers with grass under
Wood Path Dirt - 1 wood - faster - Wood Steppers with dirt under
Stone Path Grass - 1 stone - faster - Stone Steppers with grass under
Stone Path Dirt - 1 stone - faster - Stone Steppers with dirt under.

Hedge Sets
Two sets of one-tile hedges with 16 variants each.
The angled hedges won't block. I have added an 'Empty Square' which
can be used to block passing.


Did I miss something? :)
Oh, I added a Gather Walnut button to the vanilla Remove toolbar.
Many of the deco plants disappear during winter. You have to wait for spring
to see where to place them.


great mod!! this will be perfect for with the north 6


Oh my goodness, so much stuff  -- great work


@kid1293 Is this also available on Steam? Couldn't find you there.


Thanks all! :) Glad you like it!

I am not on Steam.


@kid1293 I really like your new mod. I have notice that your patch for Flax generates a new class of Flax. The new Flax is not used in the Weaver in the Colonial Charter J mod. Additionally your new Tailor make Linen clothes with is also a new type of clothing. Am I doing something wrong or was it your intention to have these differences?

Love this new mod, thank you for the fantastic work.


I have always stayed with tanypredator's flax and linen clothes.
CC and RKEC will need their own tailors to use their flax.
There is a flax patch available somewhere that tries to sort things out
but I am not sure it covers RKEC.
Search Necora's mods for the patch. It should work with CC.


Thank you.... @kid1293 for your quick response.


@kid1293 :D :D :D Thank you very much, fantastic homes, I love small houses, small villages, a large forest around and orchard. Cheers



Thanks to the tenacity of @child_of_air I found a missing description for fur.
I have fixed it and uploaded again with the same name.
The error is not game-breaking but still very annoying.
It won't show up if you have any start mod with furry animals :)

Download the mod again and just replace.


Does anyone know how to make FLAX from Kid Settlers work with CC's Mega Mod or the other way around?
Necoras Flax Patch doesnt work :(


can't be done. you will gave multiple flax in the inventory. if i use them a at the same time, have at least 3 flax. you can move KID's mod above the CC just to be safe that it is loading. if you ran a debug test on the inventory, you should show several flax. i am sure you are  aware that the flax do not always interchange. whichever mod made the flax is the 1 to use to process it. same thing happens with some other items also depending on mods you use. CC maple sap is not the same as PINE mod nor KID's.   


Wow I love this mod! Looks so nice and cozy, works great with some of your deco mods!


Thank you @Nes088  :) I really wanted that cozy feeling to come through.
Like @Abandoned said - A village garden.